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  1. [SOLVED] Restore CT from Proxmox 4.4-18 to proxmox 5.3-12

    When you select a CT > Options > unprivilged
  2. [SOLVED] Rename container proxmox 5

    Hello, I have a question about that. I have proxmox "Virtual Environment 5.4-3", when I change the hostname by "" the hostname are ok on the proxmox web interface, but when I log in with ssh on my server I have "root@dev:~#". I have 3 dev environnements, I wondering if it's...
  3. [SOLVED] Restore CT from Proxmox 4.4-18 to proxmox 5.3-12

    Thanks for your help ! :) the checkbox was gray I did not think I could change it. A big thank you for your help, you are great.
  4. [SOLVED] Restore CT from Proxmox 4.4-18 to proxmox 5.3-12

    I also found your other answer on another post but I do not know how to do it, would you have a solution please? "The original container was privileged, and /dev/random cannot be create on unprivileged containers (it is simply not permitted)."
  5. [SOLVED] Restore CT from Proxmox 4.4-18 to proxmox 5.3-12

    Hello, thanks for your quick reply. Could you tell me more please, i'm not an expert yet o_O Can I restore as privileged directly from the web interface ? I don't see this option sorry.
  6. [SOLVED] Restore CT from Proxmox 4.4-18 to proxmox 5.3-12

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a CT migration on proxmox, but I'm stuck. I am doing a server migration and a proxmox update to a new version. I have my old server under Proxmox 4.4-18 and my new server under proxmox 5.3-12. Below are the steps that I realized. - I stopped my CT 106 on my old server...
  7. [SOLVED] Http query saturation on CT

    Yes, I will try to increase this value. This subject has a lot of possibilities. Thanks for you help
  8. [SOLVED] Http query saturation on CT

    Thanks for your reply. I don't know if is important but the ulimit -n command give me 65536 on proxmox server, and only 1024 on my CT. You can find below some of my configuration where I looking for information about limit or max processus /etc/apache2/envvars /etc/apache2/apace2.conf...
  9. [SOLVED] Http query saturation on CT

    No help about this ? I looking about ulimit but I don't know if is a right way... I know mysql, php, apache are their limit, and I already optimize this parts.
  10. [SOLVED] Http query saturation on CT

    Dear community, I have a proxmox server (last version, Virtual Environment 4.4-5) and I have a CT on it with debian 8. The CT saturate (apache timeout) after 150 http query / seconds, but I don't understand why because my load server are only 7%. Could you help me to understand why please ?
  11. [SOLVED] Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format...

    Thanks a lot for your answer. Have a nice week. ;)
  12. [SOLVED] Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format...

    Yes may be the problem come from somewhere else... What is important is that everything works now. Could you just confirm to me last thing. I backup from proxmox my CT and save .log and .tar.gz file on a backup drive. If someday my server crash this file is only what I need to restart my...
  13. [SOLVED] Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format...

    This command shutdown all my CT. I therefore took the opportunity to launch a reboot. And the problem is solved. Thanks a lot for your help. ;)
  14. [SOLVED] Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format...

    Thank you for this answer. I tried your commands, I reloaded the webpage, and when I try to log in I have "connection error". will updated. Do I need run something else ?
  15. [SOLVED] Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format...

    I tried to move "mv authkey.pub_" to check if "pvecm updatecerts" works, but the "" did not regenerate after "pvecm updatecerts"
  16. [SOLVED] Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format...

    Dear sir, Thanks for your answer. I don't do anything on ssh or web interface. I use ssh access just to update and save dump on ftp. Just that. I tried the "pvecm updatecerts" command, I refreshed the webinterface but the problem is still here. I can't login. Do you think I need to reboot...
  17. [SOLVED] Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format...

    Dear community, I have a big problem, I can't login anymore on the webinterface, root access in ssh is still working. I got the following message "Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/" I try to run apt-get update & apt-get dist-upgrade but...
  18. [SOLVED] smartmontools alert

    ok, thanks for your reply. Good to know.
  19. [SOLVED] smartmontools alert

    Dear community, I launched to apt-get dist-upgrade and I received this email but I don't understand what I need to do ? Could you help me to solve this problem please ?
  20. Backup stuck at the end

    I have an OVH server and I would like install and use curlftpfs to backup my dump. Do you have a script or bash system to backup on this FTP drive ?


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