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  1. New Mobile App for Proxmox VE!

    Hello, Could it be possible to not imply 8006 port for the connection ? When connected to my local network I use an nginx load balancer (upstream module) to connect to the 1st available node and from outside I connect via apache-proxy. Both solutions are based on plain https (443) and the port...
  2. Cluster - possible PVE 5.x and PVE 6.x ?

    Hello guys, Sorry for digging up this old subject but my question is 100% related to it :) I've not been really watchful with my pve@home cluster for some time and only took care of the guest's maintenances. But now I've started to upgrade my 3 nodes pve/ceph cluster to 6.x. So far, all 3...
  3. Extending /etc/pve/.clusterlog

    One "better way" is to use -F instead of -f in the case in order to make it "rotation-proof" :)
  4. What I would like to see in Proxmox

    Yes very good point ! If a VM is wrongly deleted, you'll be so happy to see that the backup has removed everything that could help you recovering your mistake o_O
  5. Netdata on Proxmox nodes ?

    Hello, I'm starting to install and customize Netdata on several devices (physical and virtual) @home and I'm wondering if there's any "contraindications" to deploy it on Proxmox/CEPH nodes ? Thanks in advance :)
  6. Proxmox 4 HA VM Freeze State

    Hi Thomas, Thanks for your answer, that's how I manage maintenance right now indeed. But sooner or later, the failover before reboot/shutdown request will come back as it's available on most clustering/HV products. I can't believe a "dummy" philosophic point like HA != FT avoid such...
  7. Proxmox 4 HA VM Freeze State

    I've checked the patch documentation and it's still based on "recovering" the service, not failing over the service is case of reboot/shutdown.
  8. [SOLVED] No Proxmox VE trial

    You're just wrong ...
  9. Cant stop VM from panel

    Hi, Have you installed qemu agent in the guest ?
  10. HA Cluster shared storage issue

    Ok. I'll give NFS a try anyway. I guess you added a 20Gbps NIC in the PCIe port of the NAS. Up to you to configure the NAS to serve NFS and iSCSI and add both to your storage. Create a VM to bench I/O and move its disk from one storage to the other to find the one that suits you. Regarding...
  11. HA Cluster shared storage issue

    What's your infrastructure ?
  12. HA Cluster shared storage issue

    If you have a NAS and want shared storage just take the NFS road. It is snapshot compliant and far easier to maintain than iSCSI.
  13. omv-installproxmox ?

    As far as I know, OMV can use proxmox kernels, it is even recommended by some "moderators" of the site. I guess it is related to that.
  14. [SOLVED] Headless installation

    The only solution that comes in mind is to do a Netinst Debian 9 and then install Proxmox over it. Step #1: Search for Debian Netinst. Never done that so ... Step #2:
  15. Proxmox 4 HA VM Freeze State

    Started after shutdown != Migrated before shutdown I'd gladly prefer to keep the resource(s) online if possible.
  16. Proxmox 4 HA VM Freeze State

    Thanks Dietmar, I missed that point sorry. This means that if a VM is under HA control and running on a node I'm about to shutdown (using the GUI button or as well init/poweroff/shutdown commands ?), it will be migrated to an eligible node, in the HA group, by default ?
  17. Proxmox 4 HA VM Freeze State

    An option at VM level like "Migrate on shutdown/reboot = yes/no" should be great. Set it to "no" by default.
  18. VM Backup

    Of course. Just export an NFS resource from your backup server and add it as shared (or not) storage using the GUI. Adapt the backup retention (Max Backups) to the number of backups this storage must keep before removing older one and add (at least) "VSDump backup files" as content to make it...
  19. Clusterproblem - all nodes restarted automatically

    I did it "live" following this tuto if I remember correctly: Important things to remember is to increase "config_version" and set "rrp_mode: passive" If it can help, here are my single ring (previous) & dual rings (actual)...


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