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  1. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    @DerDanilo, for a "small tip" you can explain how to configure on CentOS here.... Of course after your holidays.
  2. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    One IP (Public) and a Private 24 network. If you use Reverse-Proxy with multiple "Public-IPs" what is the sense of Reverse-Proxy?
  3. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    I guess... you totally wrong. You setup a "reverse-proxy" with a public IP address. Ehm? What does reverse-proxy? Why not directly assigning domain/sub-domain to the IP, and stop doing some weird stuff. So far as I can tell, your dedicated server config is wrong. You have two possibility A.)...
  4. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    Hi montaropdf, You are right, reverse-proxy needs to have a IP address to be connected, all VM can be routed with the reverse-proxy. The VM's itself can have access via vmbr1 (From my settings above) internet. Yes, you will need to give each VM a static IP address (Private Network), in the...
  5. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    It seems like you are keeping things out, because of laziness, I add things in (When it's not required) because of enthusiasmus... Fair deal
  6. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    Yes, with all IP's. Debian 8/Debian 9 from Hetzner Images The VM Container looks like this: auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address <Main IP> netmask # --- BEGIN PVE --- post-up ip route add <Main IP> dev eth0...
  7. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    Yes, the PVE ISO doesn't has this option, I just added since I've this option (Hetzner IP settings field). Also I want to avoid future "problems". In Hetzner they have IP assign Racks, which means, if you are in the same Rack like example Repo from some Linux Dists. It's better to have the...
  8. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    Hi Kaan, I had the same problem like you. I've hit every single google result to get to know why. On Debian 8 it worked Debian 9 it didn't at all. I sit down and was thinking, why. I stumbled on my last proxmox server (I dropped and switched). Notice: I refresh your post every day to see if...


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