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  1. PVE stops working after few hours

    It seems that disk is failing. I would also check the disk cabling just in case
  2. PVE stops working after few hours

    this sounds like a disk error. I would check the output of dmesg and take a look on smartmon output of disks
  3. Unable To add vmbr card

    type your root password on the prompt which will drop you on a root shell. from there fix /etc/network/interfaces and reboot
  4. Unable To add vmbr card

    took another look on your network configuration. vmbr1 is not coming up cause you are missing the auto vmbr1
  5. Unable To add vmbr card

    Change the address to address on /etc/network/interfaces for vmbr1 You can retry the new network setup without a reboot with systemctl restart networking.service or just reboot
  6. Unable To add vmbr card

    The logs are from ntpd service which are not relevant here You need the vmbr0 in your interfaces file so that you can connect to internet Your vmbr1 interface should be up and running without the need for any manual operations. How did you checked that the bridge wasn't up ? Your vm is not...
  7. [SOLVED] Ubuntu LXC unable to access LAN or WAN outside of host

    it seems that your dhcp does not assign an ip address in the lxc. What is the output of ip a from inside the lxc?
  8. Firefox - CTRL or SHIFT or ALT not working in Guest VM

    maybe a plugin/extension on firefox messing with the keys?
  9. Unable To add vmbr card

    your bridge is up and running now. The UKNOWN state is because you probably did not attach an actual network interface on the bridge. You should also be able to ping
  10. Unable To add vmbr card

    this is just a typo, try with ip link set vmbr1 up
  11. ZFS bad Performance!

    I have installations of zfs on HDD ( WD RED ) and SDD ( Samsung PRO ), mirors and zraid2, which are all consumer grade. In my opinion, If you don't have real production needs, then those SATA drives would be enough
  12. ZFS bad Performance!

    We have increased value Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x000f 076 064 006 Pre-fail Always - 35880624 and Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x000f 076 064 006 Pre-fail Always - 35887408 for the root@De-Vre-Prox13:~# smartctl -a /dev/sdc Model Family: Seagate...
  13. ZFS bad Performance!

    I would also check iDrac or IPMI for any hardware logs regarding cpu, power supply and disk controller
  14. ZFS bad Performance!

    Do you also have the smartmontools installed? Can you share the output of smartctl -a /dev/sdX for each of the disks to also check those info?
  15. ZFS bad Performance!

    From the first link with the frequtil the governor is set to ondemand, which means that the kernel can decide on which power mode to put the cpu. We can leave it to ondemand since the most of the time the cpu is working at full speed. I noticed that you have run fio in /root/ and /tmp and i...
  16. ZFS bad Performance!

    Yes that is surely an option that we can try and see if that fixes the performance
  17. ZFS bad Performance!

    Could you please try to run those commands concurrently (you can open more terminals with ssh to the host or your can use a terminal multiplexer), as we want to check those metrics while the fio tool is running. I'm sure that you haven't made any misconfiguration. I think that maybe the hardware...
  18. ZFS bad Performance!

    The fio metrics are pretty poor. Also something does not seem right with the vmstat and zpool iostat commands. Just for clarification, were those two commands also running while you were running the fio tool?
  19. [SOLVED] Problem with backup for specific LXC container

    Have you checked all the output of the backup job? At some point it gives you the following warning WARNING: Sum of all thin volume sizes (176.00 GiB) exceeds the size of thin pool pve/data and the amount of free space in volume group (76.25 GiB). It seems that you have overprovisioned the thin...
  20. Moutning Samba Share In a container

    It seems to me that the last line of the conf file is wrong. Stop the container, update the conf to mp0: /mnt/pve/winshare,mp=/mnt/freenas/ and start the container again


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