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  1. ISO storage folder structure

    Hi all, We currently have a ESXi setup, a few machines with a central storage that we use for lab and testing. We are looking into moving to Proxmox and I installed proxmox on one of the servers to try it out. We have a large number if ISO files from different vendors on a NAS. These are in a...
  2. File read/write issues in VM - only in proxmox

    Tested q35 chipset - no difference. Also tried turning off ballooning since I don't need it, that made no diff either.
  3. [SOLVED] Can't start VM's

    Are you asking about what to write instead of the question marks in your vmbr0 config? If so: network is, broadcast is .63 in the end and gateway .1. That said, I'm a complete novice on proxmox, the network and broadcast can be calculated off the other info and gateway I assume is...
  4. File read/write issues in VM - only in proxmox

    I think we have a clue. If i turn off SELinux sshd starts (setenforce 0, modifying /etc/selinux/config and set SELINUX=permissive to persist). There are still other weird things going on, but that could be other causes for those. to answer your question: No, I have not tried other chipsets...
  5. File read/write issues in VM - only in proxmox

    No problem at all, any suggestions are welcome. I have tried different disk types and controllers. None of them solves the problem. virtio-SCSI seems to work best and also supports SSD trim as I understand it. Virtio-block does work but you have to manually specify the boot disk by bringing up...
  6. File read/write issues in VM - only in proxmox

    Prepare for a weird and pretty non-specific question. I work with F5 BIGIP devices and use a few of them in a virtual environment for labs and demo. I've been running ESXi for years and it works fine. I've run KVM as well in a few setups, it has worked flawlessly. This is the first time trying...
  7. Create CIFS storage for ISO files

    Aha! Didn't know about the template/iso path. Moved some files and it worked right away. Guess I'll reorganize my isos.
  8. New installation won't connect to internet at all

    Managed to fix my issue but I'm not really sure what I did... I tried setting IP addresses on the NICs, changed stuff around in the /etc/network/interfaces file, rebooting, getting nowhere, and changed it all back again and suddenly it worked. I really cant see anything different in the config...
  9. New installation won't connect to internet at all

    No. Not as far as I can tell, I'm new to proxmox. On the datacenter level it says "Firewall No", I've set it to No also on the node, and iptables shows empty tables with ACCEPT as the default policy. Forcing IPv4 does not work. Nothing beyond the gateway works.
  10. New installation won't connect to internet at all

    I have the same issue. I can connect to the proxmox server as long as I'm in the same subnet, and I can ping anything within the same subnet, but nothing outside the same subnet. DNS lookups works fine (I have a local DNS on the same subnet). apt update for some reason chooses IPv6 although I...
  11. Create CIFS storage for ISO files

    Just installed my first proxmox server and I've been fiddeling with it for a few hours. It's replacing ESXi that I've been running for years. I'm no vmware guru in any way, I just need a couple of virtual servers for testing and learning stuff in my job as a network technician. I have a...


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