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  1. VM just stops - don't know the reason

    hello i have a VM - which just stops working! i do have to start it! in the Task history is not information about a shutdown just when started? Where do i have to dig to find a reason? have a nice day vinc
  2. Metric server information - rebootet VM

    and that's ok or should the job be killed too?
  3. Metric server information - rebootet VM

    hello on Grafana i have all my VM and listed how long they are up and running. If i stop and start them the counter start new just doing a reboot and the uptime counter just continue as nothing happen have a nice day vinc
  4. pve Metric - about Disk State

    yes and now with magic into the metric server ;-)
  5. pve Metric - about Disk State

    Hello is there a way to see which Disk are used and size. also the zfs vol status and size and how much used have a nice day vinc
  6. pve metrics upgrade available (count)

    hello in the Proxmox metric - send to influxDB then into Grafana is there a a way to see something like "Node-5 update available 5" have a nice day Vinc
  7. Resize Disk on a VM

    i just moved things around - and suddenly it worked! sad i do not now exactly what i have done - this is not ralaxing ;-(
  8. Resize Disk on a VM

    there it was before - and some tutorial sayed to move to the end it looks also it would belong to sda2 and not to sda1
  9. Resize Disk on a VM

    @leesteken thanks for your feedback, shrinking the blue part give a error
  10. Resize Disk on a VM

    hello i have a VM which i had to resize the Disk so i did add 25G up to now 35Gig. stop and start the vm and boot into gparted the Problem i can't resize it so what did i wrong have a nice day vinc
  11. Proxmox Monitoring with TIG which version to go?

    thanks 3.5.2. Influxdb plugin configuration would go to 1.8 i think more easy to configure it seems
  12. Proxmox Monitoring with TIG which version to go?

    Hello for Proxmox monitoring i wish to create a VM and Install TIG = Telegraf InfluxDB Grafana and of course more if needed. but Proxmox works best white which version? should i use InfluxDB 2.3 Open Source Grafana v9.0.7 Telegraf open source data collector v1.23.3 ? have a nice day vinc
  13. script question in VM

    zurzeit habe ich find /var/lib/jellyfin/transcodes/ -name "*.ts" -type f -ctime -0.9 -delete aber funktioniert nicht wie gewünscht - löscht zuviel
  14. script question in VM

    erstes Problem gelöst wenn ich das if in [[ ]] setze läuft es korrekt wäre jetzt noch gut den Befehl zu finden um die neusten 5 TS file zu behalten oder die älteren als 1 oder 2 minuten zu löschen
  15. [SOLVED] Node/VM with external USB Disk

    found the Problem! the Disk ist usb-C (3) the USB-Port on the Node was 1.2. Changing to a USB Port in the Back which is usb3 too. it worked just nice an perfect have a nice day vinc
  16. script question in VM

    eine Steigerung wäre nur die TS file zu löschen die älter als 2 Minuten sind
  17. script question in VM

    Hallo also direkt mit Proxmox hat es nicht zu tun, um eine hilfe trotzdem froh. in einem VM habe ich jellyfin installiert und sehe damit Filme. soweit klappt es auch! Bloss füllt sich die Festplatte mit *.ts file bis 100% voll und dann stürtz das Programm ab. #!/bin/bash Limit=50...
  18. I can't start proxmox ve system

    why it is doing this memory test? but the blue picture is to small to read
  19. [SOLVED] Node/VM with external USB Disk

    taken away formated with Laptop and added again to the Node USB- >> VM USB shutdown the VM start the VM the process of booting go without problem like this But a LSUSB or lsblk don't see the disk


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