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  1. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    Hi, True: In pve-no-subscription you have pve-kernel-4.4.98-3-pve which is 4.4.98-102 (patched one). Regards,
  2. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    I've exactly the same issue on an HP Proliant server! Warning :eek::eek:
  3. Multicast traffic

    Hi, Thank you!! Problem solved: I enabled multicast group with that IP, on the affected Vlan, on the switch. Sorry! Regards,
  4. Multicast traffic

    Hi! I have a cluster of two Proxmox, one of them I had to remove from the cluster. Then, I formatted it, readded to the cluster, and I have some problems (typical problems :) ) regarding visibility between them. No mind, I know that Proxmox clusters are very "delicate" :) My question is...
  5. Proxmox VE 4.2 MAJOR iSCSI bug?

    Tom, did you manage to solve it? I have the same problem with a SAS Controller... ( Thanks!
  6. Troubles iSCSI and max_sectors_kb

    Hi, Same problem here, instead of iSCSI i have a LSILogic SAS controller (SAS1064ET). Obviously disks are fine, RAID is OK... and latest Proxmox 4.2 with 4.4.40-1-pve. Any news from this? [1038862.772719] blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 14050080 [1038862.778778] sd 4:1:0:0...
  7. Default LVM Datastore in 4.2

    Hi, So I did this: And mount it on your fstab: Regards,
  8. Proxmox VE40 incompatible with HP Proliant Servers...

    Hi, I still have Px 3.4 on my HP nodes... :( Regards,
  9. Default LVM Datastore in 4.2

    Hi! Yes, there are plenty of advantadges :) But, at install time, is there any way of choose if you want "new LVM layout" or "old /var/lib/vz into EXT4 partition"? Thanks!
  10. Kernel panics with 4.2

    Hi Fabian, Thanks for your answer. I was thinking of I/O congestion too.... but I have other servers (some older) and I've never seen I/O problems while transferring VM into them. This is a brand new Intel S2600WT2R with a LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS 2208 [Thunderbolt] (Intel...
  11. Default LVM Datastore in 4.2

    Hi tom, Yes, /var/lib/vz it is present but inside root partition. I usually set maxroot to 10Gb... so now /var/lib/vz is 10Gb shared with system :) I'd like that Proxmox during install let the user choose whether use local-lvm or leave an entire partition to /var/lib/vz as before :) Thanks!
  12. Kernel panics with 4.2

    Hi, Something strange is happening related to storage... A VM also gets that kind of panics! Related to jbd2/vda2-8 (Storage?).
  13. Changing eth2 to eth0

    Yes, that's it. PS: Reboot entire machine and then check with a "brctl show" that vmbr0 is bonded to eth2 Regards
  14. Default LVM Datastore in 4.2

    Hi, After deploying a new server with latest version (4.2) I've noticed that /var/lib/vz does'nt exists anymore. Instead, it uses LVM as RAW storage for VMs.... (It created local-lvm datastore). This is new in 4.2? Is it better than qcow2 files into /var/lib/vz as used to be before as the...
  15. Changing eth2 to eth0

    Hi rickv55, You can rename every "eth0" to "eth2" and restart networking. Remember to change bridge_ports eth0 to eth2 too.
  16. Kernel panics with 4.2

    Hi! I'm deploying a new server (Intel S2600WT2R) and Proxmox 4.2. It has a Hardware (megaraid) RAID1 of 2.8Tb. After doing intensive I/O (dumping initial VMs) I've seen some strange kernel panics and I don't know what is the cause. Any ideas? Thank you!! Entire log:
  17. VM's consistanyly giving SATA or VIRTO errors - VM's then go RO

    Hi, In Proxmox 3 I have a similar behavior in one VM with SATA hard disk configured. I Usually configure VirtIO, but this VM was P2V'ed and I choose SATA to avoid problems. The other VM ara working flawlessly. The host does'nt have any disk error. This is the lastlog: Thank you...
  18. Broadcast traffic in vmbr1 (not vmbr0)

    Hi, I have to add that Snort is detecting "BAD-TRAFFIC same SRC/DST" issues caused by "eth1" devices in all Proxmox nodes. The strange thing is that the broadcast address IS NOT the cluster one (in my case 239.192...). The network flooding of Broadcasts IP is Anyone has some...
  19. Broadcast traffic in vmbr1 (not vmbr0)

    Hi! I have a 7 node cluster and all nodes have eth0 mapped to 172.26.x Internal network (vmbr0) and all have a vmbr1 bridge which involves eth1 (for public network) assignable to VMs. All cluster-traffic goes into vmbr0. Ok! But I've discovered some broadcast traffic in our public network...
  20. Issues in cluster on Proxmox v4

    Thank you @debi@an!!! I've finally downgraded all nodes to Proxmox 3.4.... Cluster works flawlessly, HP Proliants without compliants too... :) Thnks!


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