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  1. [SOLVED] Deduplication Factor Explanation

    I dont see dit thread, its normally there
  2. [SOLVED] Deduplication Factor Explanation

    Thanks this is exaclty what i needed. I cant se how to mark thread as solved on this one
  3. Multiple Vlan on VM

    Hi All. I have Vlans working with Proxmox, and i actually use OVS Switch. However, I want to try something new. On a VM I would like to create a network port that is VLAN-aware. So in the ubuntu VM, i can have en18.500 and default non-tagged traffic tagged as vlan6 I use this for MaaS. My...
  4. [SOLVED] Deduplication Factor Explanation

    Hi All. I have searched and googled, I would like to know what the deduplication factor shown on the summary means. My deduplication factor on a data store is currently 10.77 I have no idea if that's good or bad. And does that mean 10.77% of data is deduplicated? If someone could please maybe...
  5. [SOLVED] Feature Request: Show in vm/container is on a backup schedule

    Hi Fiona. What your implying is nto what i asked for but i only saw this now. and its exactly what i need.
  6. [SOLVED] Old LXC Containers on Proxmox 7 - Watch out(s) for the 6-7 upgrade

    So I'm writing this as help for users. I found all the info in the forums, but there were many different posts and different solutions. (This worked for me) @my bad this was on production and critical. So my scenario: I still had a cluster running 7 servers (running Proxmox 5.x) Time of writing...
  7. [SOLVED] Feature Request: Show in vm/container is on a backup schedule

    Hi All. It would be nice to see if I click on a server the option to see if the container/vm is on a backup schedule and also see if that schedule is enabled or disabled the schedule of the runtime would be nice as well . Example. When clicking on backups it shows the backup schedule 1st with...
  8. Bond Interface not working

    That is an old conf. i Had to update my ovs configs due to the change to ifupdown2 maybe there is a slight adjustment that can help. Perhaps soneelse knows
  9. Bond Interface not working

    Your config and mine look slightly different. The below is a old one of mine as i now use openvswitch the next config as a sample my management interface is vlan 11 auto bond0 iface bond0 inet manual slaves eno1,eno2 bond_miimon 100 bond_mode...
  10. Bond Interface not working

    I don't know this switch but from what you posted it looks like it can. Have you logged into the switch to configure the LACP Bind on the ports? I normally use Cisco so (EtherChannel) or Mikrotik - Bonds. You should be able to figure it out there.
  11. I cant Repair lvm-thin volume after power failure

    Hi All. I have lost access to my thin-lvm and I can't get it repaired. It happened after a power failure. I have an HPPerc Raid controller connected to a Dell MD100 powervault So my lvm for OS is working and my internal 40TB lvm raid is working. It's just the one connected to the other raid...
  12. [SOLVED] Troubleshooting High Server Load on Node running LXC Containers

    Hi All. I'm writing this in a hope to help others. Scenario: I run over 100 LXC Containers on this node. As you can see in the server load graph I was having an average load of over 70 With 24 CPU's That is not an option. Well like all IT i Restarted the node, I replaced 2 hard disks in my raid...
  13. [SOLVED] Tutorial : Auto add LDAP users to Proxmox Realm as Administrators

    Hi All. The reason i didn't write this to use the API, is that my cluster has no direct access via the internet, It is solely on a Private VPN. Therefor pushing to the API is not an option for me, However, the pull works well for my circumstance. That is why i also mention security was not my...
  14. [SOLVED] Tutorial : Auto add LDAP users to Proxmox Realm as Administrators

    Hi All. Below is my solution for automatically adding proxmox users to Proxmox from an LDAP database. I wrote this ruby Script as i found it annoying to have to add a user to my LDAP database then have to manually goto 20+ proxmox clusters and add the users manually to the realm as well. It was...
  15. [SOLVED] Proxmox Webinterface not working with new Forefox

    Thanks you itis bacuase my XPS has a touch screen, as per thread i set dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled = 0. and web interface works. Wow never thought of that as an issue. Thanks very much
  16. [SOLVED] Proxmox Webinterface not working with new Forefox

    I have just updated to the following firefox. 570 Im running KDE neon. Now proxmox webinterface is nor reponsive i cant click on anything or rather i can click ut nothing happens. Almost like javascript is disabled. Im using proxmox 5.1.36. What can i do to get it working it does still work...


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