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  1. [SOLVED] Invalid PVE ticket after config>db restore

    ok, thank you. I will read it toroughly. Thanks for your help.
  2. [SOLVED] Invalid PVE ticket after config>db restore

    I mean, which processes needs to be stopped (pve-cluster, pvestatd are 2 of them), and in which order (if that matter) to effectively declare a node as stopped and in which order to start them?
  3. [SOLVED] Invalid PVE ticket after config>db restore

    Way better after a good reboot of the host. I need, now to cleanup a few things and copy back the lxc containers in the right directory, along with their configuration. I hope everything will go well for that stage. My last question is still valid, so I will wait for an answer on it before...
  4. [SOLVED] Invalid PVE ticket after config>db restore

    no, I have to admit, I don't know which services to restart and in which order. I will perform a reboot to see if it is any better. In the mean time is there any good article in the documentation describing how to stop and start properly proxmox "manually"?
  5. [SOLVED] Invalid PVE ticket after config>db restore

    Hello, A few month ago I have backup config.db and everything (I hope) related to all my container. This week, I finally got the time to re-install the node (I have only one). I have restored the config.db file I backup earlier using sqlite3 ".restore" command. Before issuing the sqlite3...
  6. [SOLVED] No more proxmox config after apt upgrade/auto-remove

    Hello, I have finally decided to re-install the system. I was unable to re-install the package and it was quicker to do a proper re-install. Thanks for your time and support.
  7. [SOLVED] No more proxmox config after apt upgrade/auto-remove

    Thanks for the advice. Now that I think about it, proxmox comes with a dedicated command, isn't it? As I can't boot properly anymore, how can I reinstall proxmox without wiping out my config and the containers/VM?
  8. [SOLVED] No more proxmox config after apt upgrade/auto-remove

    Hi, I have recently upgraded the system of my proxmox server, on a dedicated Hetzner server. This step was promptly followed by the execution of "apt auto-remove". Since that moment I was not able to log onto the server with SSH. So I decide to reboot. And now the system is unresponsive. Using...
  9. PVE won't boot after upgrade 4.2 to 4.4

    Have you check if you have still something in /etc/pve?
  10. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    @DerDanilo , Sorry for my lack of communication, I was "playing" with proxmox and some VM/container. Actually, the only remaining configuration problem concerns the public IP, I succeed in configuring a bridge with a private IP subnet, but I still struggle with the public one. I have cancelled...
  11. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    ok, then, I think their is misunderstanding, misjudment, misinterpretation and confusion in both of us. As I said, by reading this thread I was not so sure a subnet was necessary in the end, and as I stated later, my knowledge of networking is poor, so I was not aware, or didn't realise, that...
  12. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    A reverse-proxy is a server with a piece of software that is supposed to stand between a network of clients and one or more web applications. So doesn't the reverse-proxy require a public IP so that the clients can access it? I am familiar with Linux System (its the system on my laptop and what...
  13. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    I think my confusion comes more from my lack of understanding about networking than what is a reverse-proxy. This is one of the reason for this project, which include, deploying some services to access them from various remote location and understand better, things related to virtualisation...
  14. Proxmox Network Config on Hetzner

    Hi, I am facing the same problem, container inaccessible from the outside world and unable to access the internet from the container. Below you will find the Information provided by Hetzner. Dedicated server info: IP address: Netmask: Gateway:


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