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  1. Bonded vmbr but only 1 port works at a time

    ah, I didn't realise that Ok, but I'm not sure how that will work....... ..........Yes it does, All UniFi Switches, except for USW-Flex and USW-Flex-Mini support LAG. What are the limitations of LAG...
  2. Bonded vmbr but only 1 port works at a time

    Correct, both into the USW switch. I haven't yet configured the aggregate ports on the switch yet. I started to configure it but there was a notification to configure the other device first (even though it's actually an uplink device, not downlink)
  3. Bonded vmbr but only 1 port works at a time

    Thanks @vesalius I have a Ubiquiti USW switch but before I can even connect that, I'm still having trouble attaching anything to both port 3 & 4 at the same time, even without a switch and just using two PCs. (though I can run the switch on either port 3 or 4 in isolation without any issues)...
  4. Bonded vmbr but only 1 port works at a time

    Hi @gurubert & @vesalius (and hopefully anyone else that may help ! ;) ) sorry for the long layoff. I had some work and personal stuff that got in the way since last August but now I'm back to trying to resolve this. So, in my current config I have bonded NICs 3 & 4 with LACP IEEE 802.3ad...
  5. Bonded vmbr but only 1 port works at a time

    Hi @gurubert Not sure what you mean by sending/receiving. I haven't even gotten to that stage yet as I cannot get an IP from the DHCP because the 2nd connect port is inactive until the first connected port is disconnected. I haven't configured the switch ports for DHCP because I didn't think it...
  6. Bonded vmbr but only 1 port works at a time

    Hi, Hope you can help me solve why only one ports is active at a time in a bonded virtual bridged port. I have PVE on a bare metal unit with 6 intel I211 ports. In a bonded pair, it seems like only one port is active at a time. The config in the interfaces file is for LACP mode which, from...
  7. Temperature

    Any luck yet in getting thermal sensors passthrough host ? rework on pvestatd ? Email alerts aren't an option right now. It would be great if this worked and had a working thermal sensor widget on the pfsense dashboard.
  8. Proxmox & isp modem without a router

    Thanks @imthiazaar . Could you explain to me what you've done there ?
  9. Proxmox & isp modem without a router

    Still working through it. I have setup 6 linux bridges, one for each lan port and then added them in proxmox. I does seem to work at first until I setup the vpn in pfsense with the same config I had before VMs but I'm having issues and trying to narrow down if it's to do with the linux bridges...
  10. Proxmox & isp modem without a router

    @bobmc Yes, I figured it's going to be tricky with both needing to be up but for any maintenance, although the beauty of mobile phones these days and family shared data plans is hotspotting from phones to laptops and other devices in a pinch. Thanks for the link to the guide and the advice on...
  11. Proxmox & isp modem without a router

    @avw awesome, thank you. I think I understand and will give it a try.
  12. [SOLVED] Proxmox install without a router

    Thank you @avw . Sorry, I had to move this thread to the networking and firewall topic but couldn't delete this thread. Could you please tell me how you configured this in proxmox but put the explanation in the new thread here ...
  13. Proxmox & isp modem without a router

    Hi all, The plan was to replace my consumer router with a pfsense box which went well until I made a change and broke the internet, unrecoverable (for me). Lucky I still had the old router lying around to plug and play and happy kids/wife/life... for now ;) Then came the suggestions for a...
  14. [SOLVED] Proxmox install without a router

    Moved to network thread
  15. Security risk when running router in Proxmox connected directly to the internet?

    @PonyoHam do you ever get this sorted ? Your 'new' setup is just like what I want to do but with a 6 port passive box instead of the NUC for proxmox.
  16. Fresh install sees network but not internet

    @bobmc is that ok, will it work ?
  17. Fresh install sees network but not internet

    Hi, yes that's almost exactly it with 1 small change. While pfsense will be managing the vlans/firewall rules etc, there will be another vm on this box for Home assistant/node red using vlan5 as well
  18. Fresh install sees network but not internet

    @bobmc Thanks so much for all your help and sticking with me on this ;) Yes, exactly Oh holy gawwd !!!! So the linux bridge wasn't pointed to the right nic/port and all I had to do to get the internet going was change the bridge port from enp6s0 to enp1s0 and with that, I'm able to now run...
  19. Fresh install sees network but not internet is the asus router which is bridged to the isp modem. lan cable from lan port on asus router is connected to port 1 (enp1s0) Can ping from every other device on the network, both physical lan and wifi. The proxmox box is the only exception when using either static or...
  20. Fresh install sees network but not internet

    Hi, Thanks Huch. Not yet. I intend to use VLANs but that is separate at this point. I did try the vlan aware on vmbr0 but it didn't change anything. For now I'm just building the 'new' network, isolated from the old one. The plan is to migrate away from the asus merlin router (so no vlans yet)...


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