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  1. Was there a IPv6 problem?

    I found the problem, but not the solution. After creating and/or removing some interfaces in the Server Network configuration site und "Apply Configuration" some IPv6 Connection from VMs starts to flapping. After restarting the entire Server everything was fine again. So it happens when...
  2. Was there a IPv6 problem?

    I updated my (non-subscription) pve server some days ago and had a lot of trouble with IPv6. After upgrading today everthing is fine again. I guess there was a bug in the kernel (or other?) before. Additional I saw some threads with IPv6 problems here recently. pve-kernel-5.13.19-2-pve ->...
  3. MAC Address abuse report?!

    That is a common mistake with proxmox on hetzner servers. You must not using a bridge to your public interfaces. You have to use a routet solution. Background: pve creates another virtial device (for firewalling) with random mac adresses for each host and put in the bridge too. So hetzner will...
  4. Performanceproblem SSD

    Wenns Probleme mit Platten gibt sieht man das im Regelfall zuerst in dmesg. Wenn dort was steht liegts zu IMHO 90% an defekten Kabeln. Gibts die Möglichkeit die Kabel versuchsweise zu tauschen bzw. die SSD mal an einen anderen Rechner anzuschliessen? Wenn ich nicht mehr weiter wüßte würde ich...
  5. Does anyone have Proxmox 7.1 (from ISO) on Hetzner working with a private bridge network with NAT?

    Are your sure the FORWARD is ACCEPTed in iptables? Please post output from "iptables-save".
  6. Slow network speed on VMs, but not on host

    I can confirm some trouble with network speed, in particular in VMs. LXC containers are not affected. I tried E1000, virtio and RTL8139 network adapters in VM, virtio is the fastest, but got only max 460Mb/s from 1000Mb/s available. Very strange. Maybe a bug in newer kernel/qemu versions? Not...
  7. Container vs. VM

    Hab mich auch mal versucht zum Thema einzulesen und folgenden Post gefunden, daher hier mal kurz hinzugefügt: grobe Zusammenfassung (Stand 2017): wenns um Rechenleistung geht alle annähernd gleich, bei Platten-IO liegt LXC vor KVM.
  8. Proxmox node name change

    The Wikipage is outdatet/not complete. I renamed a PVE 7 (standalone) instance and after the reboot no VM/CT came up. Failure: Configuration file 'nodes/$NEWHOSTNAME/lxc/100.conf' does not exist and so on. So it looks like the folder...
  9. Is it possible to have containers auto login on the web gui like the node?

    I can confirm, this did the magic: # systemctl edit container-getty@.service fill in: [Service] ExecStart= ExecStart=-/sbin/agetty --autologin root --noclear --keep-baud tty%I 115200,38400,9600 $TERM Save & reboot. Tested with Debian.


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