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  1. Backup of VM 218 failed - unable to parse volume ID '/var/lib/lxc/218'

    Hi! I've created my LXC in a folder (/var/lib/lxc/218), so I could use the full capacity of the host's disk: pct create 218 /var/lib/vz/template/cache/oracle-linux-8-20220719.tar.xz --rootfs=/var/lib/lxc/218 --hostname w18 --net0 name=eth0,ip=,gw=,bridge=vmbr1 --memory 7196...
  2. no connection to the internet from container

    Docker is somehow conflicting with proxmox routing. Upon scanning the blogs/forums, there is no solution where proxmox and docker can live together on the same level. I ended up creating a CT (not LXC) with Centos 8 and putting docker inside of it. This is a clean solution, since each level...
  3. no connection to the internet from container

    Anyone found a solution for this? I just installed docker on the host and lost internet connection on the Proxmox LXC containers.
  4. Pci passthrough (qla2xxx) crashes host

    did you manage to get this resolved? I'm hitting exactly the same problem here.
  5. Cannot migrate "directory based storage" LXC to another cluster node

    Is there a way how I can move the LXC to another cluster node through the GUI? I don't care about live migration - I can shut it down, I just need the files / configs transferred.
  6. Cannot migrate "directory based storage" LXC to another cluster node

    Hello! I use node directories for storing my LXC container data. This allows me to use the full disk space of the node more effectively (instead of carving out a part of it that might not be used fully). Here is the config of one of the LXC's: arch: amd64 features: fuse=1,nesting=1 hostname...
  7. Feature request: configure network interface speed

    Well, I have what I have. These are not new servers that I'm working with.
  8. Feature request: configure network interface speed

    I would like to lock 1GBPS on my network cards that sometimes fall back to 100mbps. For now I'm using a custom-made bash script, but it would be amazing if network interface speeds could be assigned through the web interface.
  9. Centos7 does not complete shutdown?

    If you're not using Qemu, this can also be related to faulty /etc/init.d/ scripts which are causing the shutdown to abort on a system level. They are very hard to diagnose, since there is nothing in the logs. So, if you have custom /etc/init.d scripts, they are most likely the problem.
  10. idea: make proxmox installer more simple in design

    Such a pain figuring out what input is the active one:
  11. idea: make proxmox installer more simple in design

    Hello! I'm using a very old KVM system to access my datacenter and I've noticed that the proxmox installation interface is very sluggish: Perhaps it's possible to remove all gradients (or redo the interfaces in ncurses?). Also, the window barely fits into a 640x480 kvm window. Also, I have a...
  12. [SOLVED] Centos 7 would not shutdown under Proxmox 6.1

    Ok, so I traced it down to some of my custom /etc/init.d/ scripts which looks like are conflicting with the latest centos 7. Sorry, guys.
  13. [SOLVED] Centos 7 would not shutdown under Proxmox 6.1

    When I do "strace shutdown -P now", I see: recvmsg(4, {msg_name(0)=NULL, msg_iov(1)=[{"l\4\1\1!\2\0\0007\0\0\0\236\0\0\0\1\1o\0008\0\0\0", 24}], msg_controllen=32, [{cmsg_len=28, cmsg_level=SOL_SOCKET, cmsg_type=SCM_CREDENTIALS, {pid=1, uid=0, gid=0}}], msg_flags=MSG_CMSG_CLOEXEC}...
  14. [SOLVED] Centos 7 would not shutdown under Proxmox 6.1

    I created another blank container with the same template and it shuts down perfectly. Probably has something to do with my installed programs within the original container, but it's weird, since "ps aux" shows almost nothing running left. I wonder if it has something to do with [ 6295.072255]...
  15. [SOLVED] Centos 7 would not shutdown under Proxmox 6.1

    Hello! I've just upgraded to proxmox 6.1 and installed the latest Centos 7 template (centos-7-default_20190926_amd64.tar.xz). When I enter the LXC and try to shut the Centos 7 down, it just won't. ps aux shows: USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TTY STAT START TIME COMMAND root...
  16. proxmox adds localhost ipv6 entries to /etc/hosts inside the containers

    For some reason it breaks my nginx - php-fpm connection. I get tonns of "Cannot connect to ::1" errors in my nginx logs (probably due to it looking up localhost through /etc/hosts)
  17. proxmox adds localhost ipv6 entries to /etc/hosts inside the containers

    I've just noticed that after rebooting a proxmox server, there are new lines added to /etc/hosts inside Centos containers. They look like this: ::1 localhost This is undesirable, since my containers have no ipv6 support (and I don't need them to have it). How can I disable this?
  18. High RAM usage in Proxmox 4.4

    I just wanted to follow up on this. My problem was that I set the innodb_buffer_pool_size too high in my mysql settings which led to extreme swapping. You should not worry about high RAM usage - it's normal.
  19. proxmox does not allow me to set only a gateway for an interface

    I use heartbeat to move the primary IP address between the eth0 interface of my 2 containers. For the internet connection to work, heartbeat requires the gateway to already be set in the interface configuration. When I set the gateway in the container settings and leave the IP address empty, it...
  20. proxmox 4.4 centos network dhcp bug

    I just set the ip to and looks like everything worked. Is this a good idea?


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