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  1. [SOLVED] Openwrt in proxmox

    Sorry bad link.
  2. [SOLVED] Openwrt in proxmox

    LXC setup mostly described in this linked post. I would suggest using the latest stable OpenWRT image and not the snapshot.
  3. Help needed. Is this VLAN setup correct?

    If this is an unmanaged switch I would not expect physical clients connected to that switch to be to access anything but the native/default lan in pfSense with this setup. VM/LXC connected to vmbr0 and tagged with a vlan would be expected to work. show, /etc/network/interfaces from Proxmox...
  4. Node has lost network connectivity after adding VLAN interface

    Might simply be mistypes or copy paste errors, but in case not: vmbr0 uses bridge-ports enp5s0 but there is no iface enp5s0 inet manual line. You do have a iface enp8s0 inet manual line, but nothing else is using enp8s0 Not sure which you want to actually use here, but the vlan needs to be...
  5. OPNsense

    If your initial Pics of the proxmox network webui are correct, Opnsense can't use as you have already assigned that IP to proxmox on vmbr0. If you manually configure the WAN IP in Opnsense it would need to be or higher. Exactly which proxmox bridge is Opnsense using for...
  6. How to download LXC version of OpenWRT and run it on Proxmox

    updated my test OpenWRT LXC from 22.03.4 to 22.03.5 by creating a new container then restoring it from a backup of the 22.03.4 config I made. Can't figure out how to update the already running container. OpenWrt in LXC containers
  7. Linux Bridge - VLAN & Multicast

    If/when you feel adventurous again you could also try the suggestion from the post #18 in this thread, I am not sure if it will fix your "qnap with snooping on" problem or not though.
  8. Linux Bridge - VLAN & Multicast

    I think we might have discussed this on the scrypted discord channel. Glad it is back working.
  9. migrating from simple network config to OpenVSwitch

    Not an ovs expert, so I can’t help much there, like spirit I just use Linux bridges to accomplish what you are doing here for the most part. Just a couple unasked for comments/questions. 1. Why do you need 2 IP on this Proxmox node in the subnet? Might cause issues 2. What is...
  10. Opt-in Linux 6.2 Kernel for Proxmox VE 7.x available

    @vgomenyuk # proxmox-boot-tool kernel list to see what is available on your system and pick the 5.15.*-pve you want to boot into, latest is 5.15.104-1-pve # proxmox-boot-tool kernel pin 5.15.104-1-pve link on the above and how to test future 6.2 kernels without permanently selecting them...
  11. How to pass VLAN 0 Priority Tags to pfSense for DHCP

    OK, I do not have the proxmox host firewall enabled on. In addition, I define this bridge at /etc/network/interfaces.d/eap_auth and my /etc/network/interfaces file has the below line: source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* so proxmox is blind to this bridge, but by memory this worked for me when I...
  12. How to pass VLAN 0 Priority Tags to pfSense for DHCP

    Might sound weird but try to restart the ont and then try again. I have had once or twice where it would allow dhcp to a new VM after I restarted the ont.
  13. How to pass VLAN 0 Priority Tags to pfSense for DHCP

    Maybe I am inferring wrong, but sort of confused on how you might be doing wan nic passthrough (iommu or sr-iov?) to UTM at the same time the proxmox host is using that same nic to do the wpa-auth? In case I want to give this a try in the future, what steps did you use to do WPA-auth on the...
  14. How to pass VLAN 0 Priority Tags to pfSense for DHCP

    Yes that is the same guy I linked from reddit a few post back. He helped me get set up about 3 years ago.
  15. How to pass VLAN 0 Priority Tags to pfSense for DHCP

    Vlan0 not needed for the initial eap-auth. Vlan0 still required for ATT DHCP/gateway access and normal internet traffic, by memory when I set this up. by my understanding no host, gateway,dhcp, or dns traffic other than eAP-auth to/from att without vlan0, so not sure what security issues that...
  16. How to pass VLAN 0 Priority Tags to pfSense for DHCP

    Spit-balling, but Could you put a delay inside the *sense vm itself? Boot script or something that would slow down the startup? or can you move the wpa-sup into Proxmox and let Debian do the EAP-Auth, then, just pass vlan0 to *sense as wan. EDIT: one reason mine may work is that I am not doing...
  17. How to pass VLAN 0 Priority Tags to pfSense for DHCP

    Has worked for me from proxmox version 6.4 through latest 7.4. What I am doing is basically a slightly improved version of what the original creator of pfatt did with proxmox back in 2018 before actually figuring out the now famous BSD/pfatt solution. EDIT #1: something else to consider that...
  18. How to pass VLAN 0 Priority Tags to pfSense for DHCP

    Just never found the time to root my gateway and pull the certs, I should have as it is likely easier to migrate the Opnsense Vm among proxmox nodes that way. Used My setup for opnsense 19 or so through the latest as of yesterday's update. Also works with vyos, pfsense and openwrt VM. if the...
  19. How to pass VLAN 0 Priority Tags to pfSense for DHCP

    Where are you keeping the certs ... on proxmox, a router VM or elsewhere? I bridge my ONT connection to my ATT modem for that part with the below: #Linux Bridge to complete EAP/802.1X auth between ATT Modem and ONT. #this files keeps br0 invisible to proxmox #group_fwd_mask makes sure 802.1X...
  20. 3 nodes mesh cluster using frr (routed with failback)

    You should be ab able to use SDN/vxlan to give VM/LXC access to the mesh network.


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