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  1. Can't access GUI webpage

    reinstall? Won't it delete everything? I... think there must be some other way.
  2. Can't access GUI webpage

    Nothing happennes. That is all that's shown.
  3. Can't access GUI webpage

    Oh wow, that was dumb of me. No proxy or firewall rules as far as i know.
  4. Can't access GUI webpage

    Well, seems like we've found the problem. How to fix this?
  5. Can't access GUI webpage

    Nothing appears when I type 'tail -f /var/log/pveproxy/access.log', even after reloading page. I am using Chrome, tried clearing cookies and cache, didn't solve problem. Tried to access via explorer and firefox, also doesn't work.
  6. Can't access GUI webpage

    Yea, I am using with https. still doesn't work. :( I believe the problem happened after I updated the system.
  7. Can't access GUI webpage

    Hello, I have no idea why, but for the past few days I can't access the webpage. I tried "https" and "http" - says the same. "The webpage is not available. ERR_TIMED_OUT" The PVE server itself is available, I can access and log onto it from the server itself or from putty, so it's just the web...
  8. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    my pve version is 3.1, running kernel is 2.6.
  9. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    I can use the NFS Storage and stuff like that. But I saw that the newer versions have more Storage options and things like "firewall" and such... Don't think it makes any difference since I am using what I have and it seems to work fine.
  10. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    OH, now it all makes so much more sense! I pretty much have it all wrapped now, just... 1-2 more questions. Let's say I decide not to use the PVE backup service and use only rsync with ssh, which path do I give it to backup? I mean, is there a folder that keeps the system config? I am talking...
  11. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    But wasn't the purpose of backing up is storing it on a different server? If I store the backups on the same server it's like I didn't do anything. Alright, so I can use the NFS server for the full backups, and then use a script to copy the files from the shared folder the the backup server, so...
  12. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    There is "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade" right? You said "update" doesn't change anything. But what does update do? Thing is my PVE version is kind of old, and in order to use new features it needs to be updated. So what will happen if I update/upgrade? I decided I'll probably create an...
  13. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    - So other than the script to transfer it, is there any backup method to just create a backup on the external storage? I just don't want any kind of access to the backup file from the pve server after it completes the backup. - I installed "nfs-common" on pve, and "nfs-kernel" on ubuntu, both...
  14. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    Alright, a small update. I've created an NFS Server, used it as a storage and made a backup. Now, I have the backup file stored in this server. This is great, just one problem - I want the access to the backup file to be ONLY from the host server (the nfs server). Meaning, that the only access...
  15. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    Yup, enough space. Folder's name is "pve_backup", it's in the "Home" folder. So path should be /Home/pve_backup. The names are just for the convenience of working with them right now, once I would like to implement the whole thing I will user different names.
  16. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    - NFS Server? Don't I just need a shared folder on a PC that's in the network and provide the path to it? I don't want the NFS Server to be part of the PVE Server, I want to avoid any more data on it. So everything should be external. - Operating System on the server I to backup to? It's Ubuntu...
  17. Backup methods for Servers and Users

    Edit: Sorry for double post.


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