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  1. ISCSI Multipath : add a new storage, and an error raised

    Very strange I reboot the servers ... the errors messages are still displayed on the SANs ... I restart pvestatd daemon on each servers : no errors messages after ... Christmas is a magical moment
  2. ISCSI Multipath : add a new storage, and an error raised

    The only thing that changes is that we've update the Proxmox servers. Maybe the hack is not exactly the same now in the new PVE version. Everything works fine, it's just generating lots of "dish" logs on the SANs.
  3. ISCSI Multipath : add a new storage, and an error raised

    I reboot the servers after applying the hack ...
  4. ISCSI Multipath : add a new storage, and an error raised

    Hi This hack works perfectly for months, and last week, we've update our servers on the lastest Proxmox 7.3.3 and the message resturns back in our COMPELENT SANs. We've modifyed the /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/ISCSIPlugin file again but the "hack" seems not working any more ... Any idea ?
  5. Fencing and "isolation response"

    But if the corosync network if offline, how the host can know he has to reboot ?
  6. Fencing and "isolation response"

    Thanks for your answer Daniel ! Rebooting the host is a drastical way to solve the problem. I've never experienced such a thing by myself. Where did you obtain that kind of information ?
  7. Affinity

    Thanks I've setup this way but I was wondering if there was a best way. You closed the case. I remembered it was planned in the roadmap ...
  8. Affinity

    Hello In Proxmox HA config, is there a way to set up affinity between two virtual machines ? For instance : cluster with several nodes, 2 VMs running a LDAP Server (master and slave) How to prevent the 2 LDAP servers running on the same physical host ? I know I can do this with pools etc ...
  9. Fencing and "isolation response"

    Hello I was wondering how fencing works in detail. I've never experienced real problems with Proxmox fencing thanks to the watchdog mechanism. Nevertheless how does it works exactly ? For instance : a cluster with 3 nodes running in HA, VM100 is running on host1. Host1 stop responding on the...
  10. Traffic without security restrictions between VMs on the same node

    Hello Second virtual network card on each vm dedicated to communication between VMs to create a "safe" network. No routing between the Internet network and the safe network. Hard security rules on the Internet cards. Thus you can easily share services between hosts on the safe network without...
  11. Single IP network config

    For sure There is a conflict between : address netmask Either the netmask is /32 (ie or but not both of them at the same time
  12. No connection for VM after backup/restore from 6 to 7

    Hello You talk about Proxmox 6 and Proxmox 7. So you talk about 2 Proxmox Servers. When you restored your VM on the second server, the Mac IP is restored too. Maybe the problem is here. Delete the Mac adress on the restored VM and restart. Regards
  13. OVH proxmox VE ubuntu server VM, could someone help?

    Sorry, I use Debian ... It was the same as Ubuntu for a long time ... Now it's not true any longuer ...
  14. corrupted Virtual Machine

    Hello Maybe you can load a .iso of a live CD/DVD whose purpose is repairing and boot on it instead of your hard disk. Once your VM started with this LiveCD you can use tools to repair corrupted boot record or partition setup.
  15. Bond doesn't failover to the other slave (OVH / Proxmox 7.1-12)

    exactly the same for us ... maybe a problem with the driver of the network card
  16. ARP & Broadcast requests
  17. Bond doesn't failover to the other slave (OVH / Proxmox 7.1-12)

    Hello We've a bond that runs normally. Nearly the same setup but we've setup Hash policy according to our switch setups. auto bond0 iface bond0 inet manual bond-slaves enp196s0f0 enp65s0f0 bond-miimon 100 bond-mode 802.3ad bond-xmit-hash-policy layer2
  18. SSH multiple VMS remotely using Public IP through pfsense firewall installed on proxmox server

    Or you can setup a VPN to your PFsense you will then access all your local VMs from everywhere (but only you)
  19. vlan with private ip in proxmox cluster

    If possible, use VPN ... It's not very complicated to setup. An easy way is to install a FW dedicated distro (PFSense, OPNSense, IPfire, etc ...) that runs VPN. Setup the LAN with your VLAN dedicated for this VMs Setup the WAN with the public IP We use OpenVPN because you can tune the network...


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