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  1. drbdmanage license change

    I would like to know if with this new release, is DRBD ready for his use in a production environment? (this question include any change in the configuration options) Best regards Cesar
  2. Bring back DRBD8 kernel module

    I think that it is wonderful Only a question, ¿can PVE add the latest version of DRBD 8.x in his kernel and the latest version of drbdadm in his repo? BR Cesar
  3. Add a option to the new release of PVE ISO

    And also, i do not know people that accidentally delete a VM, but the PVE developers team made sure of put much security for avoid it. Both Windows and Linux systems has the option of choose the partition for the installation of system. I agree, also for the people that accidentally deleted...
  4. Add a option to the new release of PVE ISO

    About of that my idea would create countless follow up issues, I do not think so, because if it were true, all the Linux distributions that enable such an option would had problems, and personally I can say that in any forum or mailing list of these providers, I never read of some problem like...
  5. Add a option to the new release of PVE ISO

    Hi Fabian, thanks for your prompt reply. Please, let me to say few things (only as fundaments): About of the human errors: 1- When i speak of errors, i am referring to human errors in the person that will do the installation, and not in the software, for example, write bad in the keyboard the...
  6. Add a option to the new release of PVE ISO

    Hi to all I would like to request a new feature for the new PVE ISO installer, and it is that it has the option of choose in which existing partition of disk will procedure with the installation. It is due to that in case of have a server with PVE installed, and you want to install a new PVE...
  7. Bug in PVE GUI report of space, and a more question

    Thanks for your prompt reply, i was referring to this case. But for PVE 3.x version, Tom or Dietmar (I do not remember now which of the two) told me that for KVM live backup, space free in the LVM-VG isn't necessary to have, due to that it do not use a LVM-snapshot, and that if i have...
  8. Bug in PVE GUI report of space, and a more question

    Oh, excuse me please, it was a big mistake of mine... :-(
  9. Bug in PVE GUI report of space, and a more question

    Hi to all Due to that i will run a VM with a database, and for get a better I/O performance, i will use LVM and not LVM-Thin, so i created a small partition of 50 GB for the installation of PVE (after, i will create some LVM partitions), then, after my installation and respective...
  10. Bring back DRBD8 kernel module

    Can you say that drbd-8.4.9-1 from 2016-10-21 is old ???? ... BR Cesar
  11. Bring back DRBD8 kernel module

    +1 vote for DRBD8 (I use DRBD from many years ago) LINBIT sells you the illusion that DRBD9 is stable, but if you see the amount of complaints and inquiries in his mailing list about of this version, and after compare it with DRBD8 (latest version), you will can get conclusions very quickly...
  12. drbdmanage license change

    + 1 vote According to this official website of IBM... ... In the page 12 says in the title "Best practice: Use block devices for VM storage", and if we use DRBD as LVM block devices, we have the best...
  13. Hyper-V Enlightenments

    Many thanks for the answer, i wait that with the 4.5 Kernel, PVE has all these features enabled. Best regards
  14. Hyper-V Enlightenments

    Hi Spirit, it is a pleasure to greet you again. Much time ago, you said me how i can add features of Hyper-V in the code of PVE. My question is in PVE 4.2, Do I need to add something else?, and are all features of Hyper-V included in the current code? Best regards
  15. New packages in pvetest, new GUI, new 4.4 Kernel!

    OK, now i understand, thanks. So, i think that the colors don't must be mixed, it is good that it be semi-transparents, but i believe that never must be mixed. best regards Cesar
  16. Proxmox 3.4 cluster HA Vms don't migrate if node fails

    Also we have other solution for this kind of problem: In the list of fence devices, we have a that his name is "fence_ack_manual", that only works when the server is power off, and it require a manual intervention from any PVE node that is alive, ie, for use this kind of fence, it not required...
  17. PVE 4.2 2-node cluster fencing on one node restart

    Hi Dietmar. Please, let me to do a question (maybe something silly): With PVE 4.2, is recommended enable "watchdog" in the BIOS of the servers in production environments?, ie, PVE works in very stable mode with this option of hardware enabled?. Best regards Cesar
  18. New packages in pvetest, new GUI, new 4.4 Kernel!

    Thanks for the replies and excuse me for my reply you very late. But until now i can see in the statistic image of Martin three colors: - Blue, - Light green, and - Dark green. .... :-( Best rergards Cesar
  19. New packages in pvetest, new GUI, new 4.4 Kernel!

    Please, make two corrections: 1) In the image of "CPU usage" provided by Martin, i see in the legend only 2 specs with his respective colors, but in the statistic image, i see the graphic with 3 colors, i believe that some thing is wrong. 2) About of the text below of the statistical picture...
  20. New packages in pvetest, new GUI, new 4.4 Kernel!

    Oh, congratulations for the great progress!!! By other hand, it is much more attractive the light blue color of the old skin, in this new skin, his opaque colors cease of give it alive to the interfase. Could they correct it? Best regards


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