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  1. Maybe an idea

    Hi, We are often led to create virtual machines or test containers for the needs of different project managers, poc, demonstrations, events, ... that we forget to destroy and which sometimes end up becoming production environments without having passed the necessary tests. My proposal is to have...
  2. Recovering PBS datastores from a system disc crash

    Found two other files under /etc/systemd/system. It seems that the datastores are mounted as services. The system files have strange characters in the file names.
  3. Recovering PBS datastores from a system disc crash

    Created /mnt/datastore and missing subdirectories. Mounted each subdirectory to the corresponding disk partition (data store). Now, i can see my previous backups. This is a temporary measure. There are probably other things missing. Original /etc/fstab from previous installation doesn't contain...
  4. Recovering PBS datastores from a system disc crash

    I have recovered the /etc/proxmox-backup directory and copied all .cfg files to the newly installed system disk. Now, I am getting errors when trying to visualize any of the datastores contents: unable to open chunk store 'local-sdb-sata3-1T' at "/mnt/datastore/local-sdb-sata3-1T/.chunks" - No...
  5. Recovering PBS datastores from a system disc crash

    Hi, I have a PBS with three discs, one for the PBS operating system itself and two others discs configured as independent data stores. The operating system disc broke. I replaced it with a new one on which i have installed PBS 2.4 and now, i would like to "import" the two datastores with all...
  6. Best storage target for VMs and containers

    what would be the benefits of iscsi vs nfs, knowing they are both on top of openzfs (in my case as i am planning to use truenas core) ? I read somewhere that proxmox is issuing cli commands over an ssh connection to truenas to do various stuffs like snapshots; so, no api interaction, no real...
  7. Best storage target for VMs and containers

    Hi, I would like to setup shared storage for my Proxmox cluster and i am wondering which is the best solution for my small cluster (no FC, no dedicated ethernet path for storage, ... just all cluster nodes and planed Trunenas core storage server with single oepnzfs pool (2 mirrored disks), on...
  8. Block email when two fields are equal to each other

    Hi, Some people are sending spam to my users from their own emails: Spam appears to be sent from the receiver address. This causes some panic as people think their accounts have been hijacked. How could i block email when the sender=the receiver (From=To). I have rules taht match field to a...
  9. Block mail to exact match

    Helps a lot. Thanks you.
  10. Block mail to exact match

    Hi, I would like to block email sent to I have set up a what object with Filed match To but then all mail sent to emails ending with gets blocked. I would like to block email sent to exact receiver email address. Tried different combinations, but...
  11. Can't determine (and so can't stop) the origin of abusive email

    From a further investigation, it seems that this happens when the email have been put in quarantine and then unquaranteened by a user. I still can't determine who has unquaranteened this email.
  12. Suggestion for PMG quarantine

    I thought of a manual whitelisting mecanism where people have to send their email address by sms to given number to get added to a whitelist before being able to send to our domain. Did not implement it yet, but this looks like what cpanel seems doing.
  13. Can't determine (and so can't stop) the origin of abusive email

    Hi, I have a PMG behind a firewall with only port 25 from the public ip address redirected to port 25 of my PMG. In the tracking center i find the following few informations about an abusive email: Mar 2 09:09:05 mail postfix/smtpd[4340]: connect from localhost[] Mar 2 09:09:05 mail...
  14. When to restart PVE ?

    When running VMs and containers on a PVE node either clustered to other nodes or not and some particular updates are pushed to the update repository (like updates to the kernel and other pve services), should we restart the nodes after applying these updates or not ?
  15. Migration from 6.4 to 7.0

    Hi, is there a step by step guide to upgrade a centos 7 container to centos 8. I know this is not a proxmox issue, but doc about lxc containers running inside proxmox is not available elsewhere.
  16. Outbound content filtering data leak prevention on attachments.

    Hi, Thiss seems to be a requested feature (Data Leakage Prevention). Are there any advances on this ?
  17. Scheduling automatic restorations

    Hi, PVE does a great job of periodically backing up vms and containers and PBS another great job of periodically checking those backups. What about scheduling periodical restorations to nearly complete the cycle. So, one could schedule periodical restorations then etheir retain the restored vm/...


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