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  1. Proxmox Offline Mirror released!

    Well, I get you point with fidling with updates inside of vms. My primary idea was with web interface for POM having a simple one page, somewhere in administration section as submenu, with ability to manage repos..adding them, delete them, manage snapshots etc. Maybe after some time you will add...
  2. Proxmox Offline Mirror released!

    Are there any plans to incorporate this feature into proxmox web interface? It would by a great addition to have something like linux WSUS for its hosts and virtuals. For standartisation and wider comunnity akceptance, this would need to have graphic administration.
  3. LXC vs KVM vs MariaDB

    Well, I understand this, but what I would like to know is, if there is some real performance advantage with LXC over KVM. In theory yes, but I would like to hear from somebody with real life expirience with this. Im running KVM only for security reasons and for switching to LXC in MariaDB case...
  4. Proxmox VE - Support Lifecycle

    To risky and not so simple in my use case scenario, having proxmox as gw-firewall(on proxmox host), mdraid 1 with virtuals, freenas virtual with XXTB of data, etc...all in one box, so not a typical installation. I need separate HW, where I can test new version, see how it behave, whats different...
  5. Proxmox VE - Support Lifecycle

    Uf, v.5 at the end of the support. Hm. Any estimation on v7 release time? I would like to skip v6 in order not to going over again through manual install on full encrypted debian with md raid1. Also any plans for implementing full encryption options of proxmox host to default proxmox...
  6. LXC vs KVM vs MariaDB

    Hello, Im just planing new MariaDB VM and trying to find out, if there is any performance advantage for using LXC container for DB server virtualisation over KVM. Any suggestions?
  7. OpenVZ/ LXC - alternatives?

    He ment running proxmox 3.4 inside kvm which will run on proxmox 4.x host...
  8. OpenVZ/ LXC - alternatives?

    Well , I didnt thought about this option, but nested virtualization is possible if you have proper hw for that. My version is, that you install proxmox 4.x and create one full kvm and inside that kvm you will run all of your openVZ instances. Inside kvm you can use any implementation of openVZ...
  9. OpenVZ/ LXC - alternatives?

    Simply install one full kvm virtual on proxmox and then run openvz containers from inside that virtual. Simple, quick and clean solution for your needs.
  10. [SOLVED] How i can expand an ZFS Raid10 correctly?

    You cannot extend already created ZFS pool. ZFS dont have this funkcionality. You must backup you data on current pool, destroy it, and recreate it from scratch with added disks. Linux SW raid is definitely not like ZFS. Its like comparing bike with mercedes :}
  11. official full encryption support

    Thank you, sir. We will hope for the best :)
  12. official full encryption support

    well that was exhaustive answer....anyway....... Can we get some statement about this from proxmox team? Do you plan such a feature or not? THX.
  13. official full encryption support

    Well barebone host is not supported scenario by proxmox team. And its not only about adding encryption options to installer. Also adding encryption function set to web administration. When you add new storage, there should be a some encryption options. And this leads to function like ability to...
  14. official full encryption support

    No, it would not work. It must be integrated and fully supported option by proxmox on host-hypervisor level. Encryption of every individual guest inside its container is not way to deal with the problem.
  15. official full encryption support

    Hello, are there any plans for official encryption support of proxmox installation aka support option in proxmox installer? Theres support for full encrypt setup in linux distributions for looong time. It wouldby nice to have that options directly in proxmox installer. With today procesors...
  16. VGA (PCI-Passthrough) Power Consumption if VM is off

    how can graphic card shutdown if its still in running PC? For exact watt-difference betwen vm-on, vm-off plug your host on UPS or wattmetter.
  17. Support for software raid?

    next time use search field...if you do that you will find that software raid isnt supported.
  18. Securing proxmox cluster on public ip addresses

    Simply configure iptables on cluster nodes. Allow only ip address and ports that you need for your customers and everything else drop. Of course, you will allow full communications between cluster nodes. Outside world will see only allowed services. I got proxmox box on public ip for years and...
  19. Poor performance

    and what performance do you expect from single sata disk and qcow2? Did you even read wiki howtos???... If you want some performance go for hw raid 10 with at least 10000 rpm or try ssd.


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