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  1. Proxmox VE 7.3 released!

    Sorry - took a bit longer than expected. But it does seem quite close to 2181, at least the last comment 15.
  2. Proxmox VE 7.3 released!

    That would be very useful! Is there already on the radar or even a feature request in Bugzilla or should someone (me) add it?
  3. Proxmox VE 7.3 released!

    I think what they were asking about, at leadt that's what I am asking for, is the possibility to essentially activate the shutdown migrate policy without shutting down. I want to be able to set the node to maintenance, having the LRM mark itself as unavailable so the (HA) VMs get evacuated...
  4. [SOLVED] Out of curiosity: where/how does CEPH store data?

    Quick response. For a replicated pool (size x), your original thought is correct. While files are placed in objects which are grouped in placement groups, rather than existing directly as files in a traditional file system, it is correct that all the data is copied to all the (x number of)...
  5. [SOLVED] Proxmox VE - Login failed. Please try again.

    Yes - a proxmox cluster is a very powerful and complex high availability tool with shared storage for configurations and heartbeats, etc. Unfortunately it's also the only way to log in to several proxmox nodes, migrate machines and manage multiple independent nodes in a shared interface. Unless...
  6. Can't Access Web GUI

    Hello - it's very hard to follow as you're providing almost no information. If your first problem is resolved, please mark the thread solved and create a new thread for the new problem.
  7. [SOLVED] PVE GUI not reachable

    Can you confirm that you are accessing the server using https and not http. That error message can show if you try to access an https server but the browser expects http.
  8. Can't Access Web GUI

    Hello, You will have to provide more information for anyone to be able to help you. Situation: Is it a new installation/did it work before? Is the server running? Can you ping the server? Can you ssh in to the server? In what way can't you access the web gui - no response, connection reset...
  9. Kernel panic after resizing a clone

    Hi Tom, I'm not sure what information you need but I'll try to provide it. I am running on latest 7, but recall having the same issue also with 6.4. Steps taken: Use a cloud image, I use cloud images from, dowload and add the disk to a...
  10. Kernel panic after resizing a clone

    Same issue here, Debian 11.
  11. Shutdown VM

    I'm referring again to ticket 2534, just checking if there are any plans to include the already written code to handle this and similar scenarios?
  12. Issue with shutdown when agent is not running

    Hi, I was just wondering if there is a specific reason why the change suggested in ticket 2534 has not been implemented. I'm probably missing something, but as I understand from reading the ticket, it would be a simple 3 line diff change to fix an issue when the agent is supposed to be running...
  13. Homelab migration to Proxmox

    I run a one-node ceph cluster for a particular use-case myself so my point with unsupported scenarios is that you'll likely not get a lot of help from people with a lot of experience, so you'll have to get that experience yourself :) I don't know anything about ZFS. Good luck!
  14. Homelab migration to Proxmox

    Now you're really taking on a lot of unsupported scenarios. Proxmox can do 2 + quorum, but that is not a good idea with ceph. You can do a one node ceph (with a lot of tweaking and going outside recommendations) and you can do 3+ nodes (preferably many more, ceph likes more nodes over bigger...
  15. Homelab migration to Proxmox

    Yeah - it's really important to understand how ceph is different from other redundancy methods. Nodes do not need to be the same number of disks or the same size of disks, but you have to know what happens with the ceph rules. So say if you have two copies of everything on two different nodes...
  16. Homelab migration to Proxmox

    As mentioned, it does work to have ceph on one node, but you would need to tweak the pools and rules in a way that you probably shouldn't if you don't know what you're doing. Your proposed way is perfectly fine, as aaron noted that Ceph might still complain. Also, depending on the sizes and...
  17. [SOLVED] Unable to apt-get update with no-subscription repo

    If your question: indicate that the proxmox server doesn't have access to the internet, then yes - that is required. An alternative is to run your own mirrors of the relevant repositories from proxmox, debian and any other repositories you need.
  18. Problem connecting to external ceph running on same Proxmox node

    Hi, I am experimenting with cephadm and I've done a couple of proof-of-concept installations. For this issue, I have a new proxmox installation and I have installed and bootstrapped cephadm. Proxmox is running fine and ceph is running fine on the same hardware. I have tried to add a ceph rbd...
  19. Separate Ceph and Cluster. Please help

    Hi! I'm sorry, I'm not fully following what your question is and what you're having problems with, but maybe I can give some useful input. First - avoid talking about cluster, that will just cause confusion (both proxmox and ceph are "clustered" with different technologies). Second - it is...
  20. Question about adding an addtional network to Ceph

    My understanding is that OSDs are communicating directly with each other so bonding should lead to an increase I'm actual bandwidth. I note though that you don't have a separate public and cluster network. You have a two corosync networks, an external network, which I assume are used by the...


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