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  1. ERROR: Unable to load the 'nvidia-vgpu-vfio' kernel module

    I have the exact same issue following the instructions of the page. Have you tried raising an issue on the Gitlab project you used? I checked and did not see any reference yet. Asking before doing it myself.
  2. Remote Spice access *without* using web manager

    Similar to @tbh , I had to add the user to the VM in addition to the token. In the section of your doc, I have modified it to reflect on what worked for me: Verify that the token has been correctly set In the dropdown menu on the left, select Server View Click on Datacenter, in the right pane...
  3. Remote Spice access *without* using web manager

    Thanks a lot @pawlakm for your script. I followed your gitlab instructions and would like to echo @tbh's comment that one step is missing as the permissions section seems to require both the API Token AND the User Permission to be added under the VM permission. After adding the latter, I got...
  4. [SOLVED] boot failure with "mdadm: no devices listed in conf file" error after upgrade to 7.1.8 and kernel

    Answering myself, it looks like my boot partition is too small due to left over kernel versions and the update did not properly complete. I did some clean up and I could restart with the new kernel.
  5. [SOLVED] boot failure with "mdadm: no devices listed in conf file" error after upgrade to 7.1.8 and kernel

    Hi all, I have performed an upgrade on a single host running 7.1.5 to go to 7.1.8. As part of that upgrade there was also a kernel upgrade from to After rebooting to that new kernel, I faced a boot failure related to mdadm with the message looking like is shown on the...
  6. Is there a way to mount a folder from proxmox based filesystem in a container?

    Your understanding is correct. I can see the mount point from the GUI after created from the CLI but it does not seem to be feasible from the GUI. I will look into the Proxmox API to see if I can create manage this settings. Thank you all for all the answers and guidance - much appreciated
  7. Is there a way to mount a folder from proxmox based filesystem in a container?

    Hi all, I would like to know if there is a way to mount a folder from the proxmox based filesystem in a container? I currently do that through nullfs mount on a FreeBSD system where I have folder I exposed in the based system to within a jail - similar principle as a container in proxmox. Has...
  8. Installation over console

    Interesting approach - thanks for sharing !
  9. Installation over console

    Cool I am up and running with a second node in a cluster now. Thanks !
  10. Installation over console

    Thank you, I found out that was the only way. I am hitting a problem with the lvm2 package on the dist-upgrade so troubleshooting this now.
  11. Installation over console

    Hi all, I would like some confirmation on whether Proxmox can be installed over a computer with no monitor and instead use the serial port. If you ask why, I have a unit built without IPMI and without graphic I/O. By the look of the grub.cfg file, it seems that it might not be possible with...


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