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  1. PPP/PPTP on VM its disabled, how can i enable it ?

    We have only public ips, we got ower own ip ranges...
  2. PPP/PPTP on VM its disabled, how can i enable it ?

    We didnt enabled firewall, still ave to do the port forwarding ? Any tutorials to enable it on the VM if you have will help me alot.
  3. PPP/PPTP on VM its disabled, how can i enable it ?

    Hello Guys, I have an VM with Debian 10 and one of the customer whants to enable PPP for PPTP on it. (Ppp_generic kernel module) Is there some sort of configuration we have to do on the Node ? I never made this because nobody ask, and what tutorials i founded ar for lxc. Thank you
  4. Corosync very high CPU and Memory usage on v 6.4-13

    One more think and ii think i founded another issue :) logging { debug: off to_syslog: yes } nodelist { node { name: server12 nodeid: 5 quorum_votes: 1 ring0_addr: 89.XX.XX.4 } node { name: server3 nodeid: 1 quorum_votes: 1 ring0_addr: 89.XX.XX.253...
  5. Corosync very high CPU and Memory usage on v 6.4-13

    Foounded the issue, on one of ower server the cable was broke and it was at 100Mbps, when one VM use the whole speed cluster brakes, we changed the cable and now its 1000Mbps and its all ok, The other servers ar 10/40GB Speed and they dont have this issue. Thank you.
  6. Corosync very high CPU and Memory usage on v 6.4-13

    "configure corosync to use a dedicated physical link" Using local network ? Like: 192.168..... on the secand dedicated network port on the server ? It will cause speed problems when i migrate VMs ? On all the servers we have dedicated nic 10GB port and the integrated server has ar 1GB, if i use...
  7. Corosync very high CPU and Memory usage on v 6.4-13

    Whell ii dont think we have network issues, all ower network its 10/40GB and we have difrent cluster with 3 nodes and there is never a problem. What can you recomand to check ?
  8. Corosync very high CPU and Memory usage on v 6.4-13

    I have plenty of this: [TOTEM ] Retransmit List:................ And this was from last night when he made the same loosing cluster Jan 17 00:33:09 d3 corosync[20686]: [TOTEM ] Process pause detected for 6884 ms, flushing membership messages. Jan 17 00:33:09 d3 corosync[20686]: [TOTEM ]...
  9. Corosync very high CPU and Memory usage on v 6.4-13

    Hello Guys, In the last mo i started to have some problems with the servers and didnt know why, like loosing cluster and i had to restart pve-cluster and corosync, and this was happening weekly and i just ignore to check why, just made it work and nothink else. Today i started to check this...
  10. Cloud-init FreeBSD

    Hello, did you manage to make FreeBSD work cloud-init and qemu guest agent ? i just dont get it to install cloud-init on clean freebsd os
  11. [SOLVED] Proxmox cluster slow to shutdown.

    I have the same problem, 6.3-6 And even the strange think is even when i whant to start/stop a VM, in takes 1-3min and sometimes fails, this is strange, never before i update it to 6.3-6 trying to acquire lock... TASK ERROR: can't lock file '/var/lock/qemu-server/lock-321.conf' - got timeout
  12. High Load is normal ? What is the normal load ?

    Hello guys, I allways whanted to ask this but i never had time :) Is this the normal load a server will have ? Or is sompting wrong with my server ? How do i identify the VM causing this load ? Can i get any fast infos or reports regarding the VM who have 100% Cpu Usage ? I think a VM witch...
  13. Proxmox on OVH

    :)) Hetzner 3MB UDP and they close your server connection, cmon :) i was expected more then this because they advertise. This happened to me after one customer was keep requesting server from them but us to make the management. DDoS protection Hetzner Online will safeguard your Hetzner cloud...
  14. 70-96% Loss on all cluster servers only

    I founded the issue, witch for me i do not understand at all and i think this is not normal. Some of ower nodes ar on diffrent ip range, after i changed ip of the nodes to be on the same range, the loss is gone, how is this posible or normal ? :| the ip ranges ar on the same network, port ..etc
  15. 70-96% Loss on all cluster servers only

    If i ping outside from another location on any node there is no loss. There is loss only when i mtr from any servers in cluster outside of any internet destination. When i was using 3.4 or first v of 6 there was such problems, i update the nodes and now there is loss, i dont understand why. I...
  16. 70-96% Loss on all cluster servers only

    We have 10GB network on 4 nodes and 1GB on others the problem is even betwin 10gb and we even changed the cables, And this problem shows only after a node join the cluster if is standalone like we have some other servers its fine no loss at all.


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