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  1. [Proxmox 6] How to add two existing nodes (with containers) to a cluster?

    Hi, I'm currently running 2 standalone Proxmox 6 nodes and I want them to be part of the same cluster. Containers' IDs are not overlapping from one node to the other. Is there a way to create a cluster with those two nodes without dump->transfer->import every container? Regards
  2. Corosync disaster (different version between nodes)

    In order to begin somewhere, here is the state of one of the 11 nodes (pm6-staging-03): pm6-staging-03:~# pvecm status Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/CLI/ line 479, <DATA> line 755. pm6-staging-03:~# systemctl status pve-cluster ●...
  3. Corosync disaster (different version between nodes)

    Unfortunately not... We were experiencing very bad issues on the cluster the day before those changes and that was kind of a "last chance" change.
  4. Corosync disaster (different version between nodes)

    Hi, Short story: I have 2 different versions of corosync configuration on my cluster and now "pvecm status" gives me this ugly error: "Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/CLI/ line 479, <DATA> line 755." My cluster is totally broken. Long story: I'm...
  5. Understand LXC container's storage size

    No, I see 806G instead of 900G. Before snapshot removal (I had done those commands and noted the results): ON PROXMOX HOST : # zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT rpool 782G 62.9G 104K /rpool rpool/ROOT...
  6. Understand LXC container's storage size

    I only have done it by the web UI (Resources > Resize disk). I didn't obtain any error message. I tried to reboot the container but notheing changed. Other poentially interesting info: the container had a snapshot. Removing it made the container 100G larger (don't understand why). Here is the...
  7. Understand LXC container's storage size

    Hi, I have an LXC container that has a big storage defined in the web UI ("900G") but the filesystem seems not to have taken the last resizes commands into account. Here is the current state of the storage: On the container: #df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted...
  8. Cluster Greyed Out

    => You're right. In this case, if the solution we find is to reboot, the issue shoudn't come back. I'll notice you. => I've already executed those commands on every node of the cluster, as described in the first post, but without any change. For information, I was'nt able to add RAM to the...
  9. Cluster Greyed Out

    Even if it could solve the issue, reboot isn't a suitable solution in production and this issue should be deeply investigated in my opinion.
  10. Cluster Greyed Out

    Hi everyone, My Proxmox 6 Cluster is in a bad state. I wanted to add RAM to one of my containers (on which some processes were killed by OOM Killer) using the GUI and it displayed this error: A day after this issue, the cluster was in a very strange state: The quorum is OK (maximum votes)...
  11. [SOLVED] Some services fail to start, trying to set up mount namespacing

    Ok thanks. I created an issu on the munin-monitoring's GitHub:
  12. [SOLVED] Some services fail to start, trying to set up mount namespacing

    Ok, I understand, thanks for those informations. Is there any way to allow only namespace spawning rather than enabling the whole nesting feature? The fact that the guest could have access to /proc and /sys on the host is pretty bad actually so it looks more like a workaround than a real solution.
  13. [SOLVED] Some services fail to start, trying to set up mount namespacing

    In fact no, and it works! Thanks you very much for the quick reply! I don't really understand what this setting allows (containers in containers?). Is there any security risk with enabling this feature? And if no, why isn't it enabled by default?
  14. [SOLVED] Some services fail to start, trying to set up mount namespacing

    Hi everyone, I'm currently struggling with a blocking issue. I'm running proxmox 6 (proxmox-ve: 6.1-2 / kernel 5.3.10-1-pve) and created a container running Debian Buster from the latest standard template on pveam (debian-10.0-standard_10.0-1_amd64.tar.gz). The problem is that some services...
  15. [SOLVED] Cluster node under ZFS in a strange state (containers greyed out)

    Unfortunately, this issue is still present in 4.15. I added informations there:
  16. Syslog-ng write to /dev/tty10 that doesn't exists

    Thank you for this quick reply. I thought to this solution but wasn't very happy as it' sounds like a dirty hack. I will do this until I find a better solution. Shouldn't it be included in the Debian 9 LXC template ?
  17. Syslog-ng write to /dev/tty10 that doesn't exists

    Hi everyone, My Proxmox 5 LXC containers are running syslog-ng on Debian 9 (stretch) and I found that syslog-ng defines /dev/tty10 by default as a log device. Ths problem is that /dev/tty10 doens't exists on containers created from the official Debian 9 template, leading syslog-ng to create a...
  18. pvesr Trying to acquire cfs lock 'file-replication_cfg'

    Hi, I see those messages all the time in /var/log/syslog: Feb 19 04:57:00 proxmox5-02 pvesr[4360]: trying to acquire cfs lock 'file-replication_cfg' ... Feb 19 05:07:00 proxmox5-02 pvesr[30058]: trying to acquire cfs lock 'file-replication_cfg' ... Feb 19 05:13:00 proxmox5-02 pvesr[21507]...
  19. Ability to visualize overallocation

    Ok thanks! In fact, I already do it with nagios / NRPE but I think it would be very nice to have this directly into the Proxmox GUI. Don't you? It would help to make good decisions regarding overallocation risk when creating or migrating containers/VM.
  20. Ability to visualize overallocation

    Hi everyone, Proxmox allow local RAM/disk overallocation (infinite "virtual" allocation whereas physical host has finite ressources) which is a great tool to optimize use of ressources. But overallocation can be tricky as it represent a risk for the global host (Out Of Memory, No space left on...


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