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  1. Continued IO Errors

    I had once similar strange issues, turned out to be my power supply, more specific, too many drives connected to the same power line.
  2. ZFS filesystems for data OTHER than Proxmox guests and containers...

    I created other zfs filesystems in the shell, they all appear in the UI. After all, i think the UI does the same when making zfs filesystems.
  3. lxc passtrough usb zwave stick

    Hy, I have trouble with the following usb zwave stick (passtrough to lxc container with domoticz): 10c4:ea60 Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. CP2102/CP2109 UART Bridge Controller [CP210x family] I've searched the forum (and google) and followed what other people did before, and added this to my...
  4. [TUTORIAL] Compile Proxmox VE with patched intel-iommu driver to remove RMRR check

    Well before this all worked. When i try it now i get: Fetched in submodule path 'submodules/ubuntu-disco', but it did not contain fdc10a3711d4cb8ae2c42efb2c89dcca919d1e4d. Direct fetching of that commit failed. Makefile:120: recipe for target 'submodule' failed
  5. lacp bond wihout speed increase

    Thanks for the good explanation!
  6. zfs degraded - too many errors - smart ok

    Update: the cksum errors started appearing on another pool, only 3. I decided to power the server directly from the ups, and rewired inside the server the power lines from the psu to the disks. It appeared all the disks were on 1 line of the psu. So i divided them equally over the available...
  7. lacp bond wihout speed increase

    Thanks for the update. I tested with 3 machines, didn't work. After i rebooted the switch, all fine now! I still do no understand the difference in concept between hooking up proxmox to the bond or the vmbr, can someone explain? Thanks for the help!
  8. lacp bond wihout speed increase

    True, i forgot about that... So i added another connection from another machine. The sum of the connections never go above the capacity of 1 interface?
  9. lacp bond wihout speed increase

    Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately, that didn't make any difference. Any other hints? What is the difference in hooking up proxmox IP to the vmbr vs the bond?
  10. lacp bond wihout speed increase

    Hy, On 2 proxmox servers, I bonded 2 network ports (2x1gbps) with lacp, created it in the switch, and created a vmbr on top of it. Both servers are connected to the same switch, I expected a speed increase but it still looks limited to 1gbps when doing transfers between them (fe zfs...
  11. zfs degraded - too many errors - smart ok

    Lucky or thunder before the storm ;-) I think i'll replace my psu. Cabling should be replaced too i suppose. If it continues i'll swap the controller and pool to another system. Then i will suspect the mobo/ram. I saw in the logs one trace of read/write errors on all drives, just for a brief...
  12. zfs degraded - too many errors - smart ok

    Thanks all for the replies. After i did a 'zpool clear' a scrub was started. After it finished, the errors were still there and the pool still in a degraded state. The scrub had repaired 11G. Since i rebooted allready several times before the 'zpool clear' command, and i had tried to re-attach...
  13. zfs degraded - too many errors - smart ok

    Hy, One of my pools (not a boot pool) is in a degraded state because one the drives has 'too many errors', 39 cksum mentoned, 0 write 0 read. I checked the drive with smart values show nothing. I did a zpool clear, and is now resilvering, and has 155 cksum allready. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...
  14. separate boot zfs and storage zfs

    Thanks, i suspected allready that more zfs pools would have consequences on the ARC cache. Would a separate ssd for cache (l2) and log be beneficial then? A single ssd with ext4 for booting proxmox only seems the alternative, but you sacrifice redundancy on the booting device then. Not a perfect...
  15. separate boot zfs and storage zfs

    Hy all, is there any performance win or other advantage with a separate zfs pool for boot and zfs pool for storage (vm, container). Till now i always builded upon 1 zfs pool for boot and storage. Kind regards and thanks for any advice
  16. Recommendation for sata hba

    Thanks again! Went for the LSI SAS 9207-8i (LSI00301), because it comes int IT (passtrough) mode allready.
  17. Recommendation for sata hba

    Hi, Thanks for the fast response! Any specific type/brand you have in mind? It's easy to find a raid card with a Broadcom chipset, but not an ordinary sata pci-e card. Btw i'm shopping in Europe.
  18. Recommendation for sata hba

    Hy all, Are there any recommendations for a pci-e card to expand my system with extra sata ports for 3 mechanical hdd's, 8TB each? I know there are sas hba cards who can be reprogrammed into IT mode, but this is probably allready overkill. I also read problems with sata cards with the marvel...
  19. kernel patch - dvbsky s960

    The status of the bug is still 'new', so it could still take some time before the patch will be included somewhere.. Just to inform other interested people, i've compiled the proxmox kernel with this patch, and the patch seems to solve the issues (some days allready).
  20. kernel patch - dvbsky s960

    Hy, I don't know if this is the right place to ask for, but asking doens't hurt... There is allready a longer time (months) a problem with the dvbsky s960 satellite tuner under linux. I use a container under proxmox to utilize these tuners (tvheadend). There is a patch available since a few...


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