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  1. VM Shared Disk Between Guests

    Thanks, would you happen to had measured the difference in performance or able to estimate how big a difference did it make?
  2. VM Shared Disk Between Guests

    Hi, did you ever test the performance difference between sharing the disk directly vs going through an intermediate iSCSI host VM?
  3. Same VM on server and multiple simultaneous clients

    If the users are just going to use the browser then you can always drop Windows 10 and use a Linux desktop VM. That should allow multiple users.
  4. Updating network settings in GUI deletes bond second IP

    Thanks, that worked and the interface shows up in ProxMox. Can't remember why I didn't use this form when I first set it up. While it is not recognized and uneditable in the GUI, at least ProxMox does not remove it when updating network configuration.
  5. Updating network settings in GUI deletes bond second IP

    I have a bond interface configured with two network adapters. This is on all my nodes. The bond interface carries two networks 10.1.1.x/24 and 10.1.2.x/24 auto bond0 iface bond0 inet static address bond-slaves enp1s0f0np0 enp1s0f1np1 bond-miimon 100...
  6. PVE Cluster - One node `pveproxy` crashing seemingly randomly

    I am encountering pretty much the same problem. Please share how did you resolve this in the end?
  7. Enable HA on all VM's

    The awk syntax doesn't appear to work properly in current Proxmox, it gives me just one particular vmid out of the entire list for some reason. Adjusting it to match 0-9 appears to work properly qm list 2>/dev/null | awk '/\[0-9]+/ {print "vm:", $1, "\n"}' >> /etc/pve/ha/resources.cfg
  8. Turn on "Discard" option?

    write-back is unsafe, the chances of losing data is much higher. This needs to be mentioned before recommending it for performance.
  9. No network after reboot - dependency issue

    I encounter the same problem after a node crash, networking for VMs on the node are not working until migrated to another node. However, I am unable to reinstall ifupdown2 when I tried. Did you not get the following error? apt-get install --reinstall ifupdown2 Reading package lists... Done...
  10. Cephfs - MDS all up:standby, not becoming up:active

    @jw6677 How did you get your mds active in the end?
  11. Where can I find a basic OVF template XML for importing VMs into Proxmox?

    XML from QNAP Virtualization Station also from virsh dumpxml Generates similar error with --dryrun warning: unable to parse the VM name in this OVF manifest, generating a default value { "disks" : [], "qm" : { "cores" : "", "memory" : "" } } Without --dryrun. the error is...
  12. Where can I find a basic OVF template XML for importing VMs into Proxmox?

    XMl from standard KVM virsh dumpxml which produces the following errro with --dryrun warning: unable to parse the VM name in this OVF manifest, generating a default value { "disks" : [], "qm" : { "cores" : "", "memory" : "" } } Without --dryrun warning: unable to parse...
  13. Where can I find a basic OVF template XML for importing VMs into Proxmox?

    I am trying to migrate VMs from various existing platforms into Proxmox and they commonly allow exporting VMs either in OVF or OVA format. Unfortunately, there are various problems when trying to qm importovf because, depending on the platform, they have custom tags which seem to confuse the...
  14. Unable to bond FC interfaces

    I have two 25G fibre interfaces on each server. I want to bond these in active-backup mode. They are connected to different physical switches. There are additional 10G interfaces for users to access VMs and ProxMox itself so these are not part of the usage for the 25G interfaces. I plan to...
  15. Importing OVA assistance

    Thanks for this suggestion. Unfortunately, it has the same problem ( need to untar, unable to parse VM name, invalid host resource /disk/vmdisk1) as mentioned in several old threads from as early as mid 2018. Fortunately, some of the threads had a more complete procedure such as in this...
  16. Importing OVA assistance

    I am trying to do a proof of concept using Proxmox to gradually replace our existing virtualization infrastructure. The lack of an easy way to import OVA/OVF is a killer. It's quite surprising that such a feature had not been implemented after so many years. It does not need to be all done from...
  17. Turn on "Discard" option?

    It is apparently not recommended to use the discard option in fstab but better to do periodic trimming using fstrim and cron. There was apparently also an Intel recommendation not to use the fstab discard option as it could lead...
  18. Alternate SSH port blocked within same network yet OK externally

    I have two Proxmox host, Host A running 5.0 and Host B running 6.2, both on the same physical network and same logical subnet. They are not in the same cluster currently. The plan is to migrate user data from Host A VM to Host B, then reinstall Host A with 6.2 to make a 2 node cluster. I've...
  19. [SOLVED] How to drop SSH port 22 traffic from external networks

    Using Proxmox 6.2.4 For added security, I'm trying to add a firewall rule to DROP all connections to port 22 from external networks. I already have SSH working on an alternative port. Under "Datacenter" -> my_node1 -> Firewall, adding a rule IN DROP SSH (macro name) or IN DROP tcp 22 has no...


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