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  1. Running docker containers in proxmox containers

    This is the correct way to run containers.
  2. Installed new NIC, old interface got renamed

    That would be a great feature. I have to be careful when adding/removing PCI cards as I won't be able to communicate with my headless servers any longer. Add in that I pass the igpu to a VM for transcoding, and a NIC rename puts me in quite a predicament.
  3. Using both integrated and discrete GPU

    Did you need to configure the integrated GPU as the default in BIOS for PVE to only use that one for the OS/Server? And then the discrete GPU was available for use by VM's ?
  4. QDevice failed to remove...

    Nice, I'm glad that there was a happy ending.
  5. Running docker containers in proxmox containers

    I had the same issue with a privileged container. Without nesting I got this error executing "docker run hello-world" error mounting "proc" to rootfs at "/proc": mount proc:/proc (via /proc/self/fd/6) With nesting enabled, it worked fine.
  6. LXC DNS name not working

    It's still an issue with Debian 11 and Proxmox 7.3-3. ipv6 set to DHCP only has an ipv6 dns server, ipv6 set to SLAAC only has ipv4 DNS servers.
  7. Network interfaces been created after changing PCIE devices

    I'm surprised that this issue hasn't been solved yet. I'm planning on adding a GPU to one of my Proxmox servers but I'm holding off as it is a headless server. So, if the NICs on my PCI NIC get renamed , disabling network access, I won't be able to fix it.
  8. LXC restore (can only restore as privileged but need it unprivileged)

    How did you do it? I have the same issue, but there isn't a kernel update listed in the "updates" section of the Web console.
  9. CIFS or NFS mount inside unprivleged container

    But the question is "CIFS or NFS mount inside unprivleged container" ...
  10. Jenkins

    Did you ever figure this out? I needed Jenkins to access CIFS network shares, so I tried a privileged container. My entire proxmox server would hang every time I started the LXC. I switched it to a virtual machine and Jenkins runs fine there.
  11. [SOLVED] Trying to install docker on a LXC container but I get error when try to start a docker container

    This fixed mine as well. My container is privileged, when I unchecked "unprivileged", it greyed out "nesting" so that I could not check it. After the container is created, the nesting option checkbox is no longer greyed out, and can be selected. I'm not sure if that behavior is by design or...
  12. [SOLVED] How to exclude network card from PCI Passthrough?

    The shared IOMMU groups was the issue. I didn't notice that there were multiple devices in the same group until later. What was happening was when the VM with a PCI Passthrough card accessed the HBA card, it also took control of the Intel NIC, which is why the host lost access to it. I added an...
  13. [SOLVED] How to exclude network card from PCI Passthrough?

    I installed an Intel X520 10Gb network card into my proxmox server with the intention of making it a bridged interface for hosts to share. My PVE is version 7.1-7. However, it doesn't appear in the "system->network" section of my pve node. However, if I go to a VM's "hardware->add pci device"...
  14. Running docker containers in proxmox containers

    This is so easy, it should be illegal. Thanks for sharing this info. I have been running docker inside vm’s because I thought that was the only way to do it.


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