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  1. [SOLVED] LibreElec with Intel KabyLake GPU Passthrough

    Hello, i've stopped my investigations with Win10. I'm not able to activate HDMI display using GPU Passthrough... don't know if it's linked to this specific GPU card or Intel drivers. Will not able to help here, sorry... My "Kodi box" is running correctly on a Ubuntu VM with GPU passthrough; here...
  2. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    Sounds promizing (no error in the host or guest). I can passthrough my GPU but, unfortunately, i'm not able to enable the HDMI output. When i was passing through the GPU with the previous solution, HDMI was activated automatically and Ubuntu or Debian displayed on the screen (I have only 1 HDMI...
  3. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    Thanks for this information. Using the i444 machine the Intel card is recognized by Ubuntu. Great improvement ! But now, i'm facing other issues with i915 Intel drivers which look quite unstable. I've made al lot of tests (BIOS or UEFI, q35 or i440, Intel drivers or not, different Kernels) and...
  4. IGD passthrough almost working

    Hello, any progress regarding this issue ? I'm facing the same errors here ([drm:gen8_de_irq_handler [i915]] *ERROR* Fault errors on pipe A: 0x00000080) with Intel HD passthrough on an Ubuntu VM. Thanks, bye.
  5. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    Not better. VM vith UEFI have the same error messages & symptoms. For VM with Seabios, same behaviour just like when i've put CSM Video to UEFI (VM boots but ROM error message & same DMAR errors as always).
  6. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    Investigating, here are some news. I've found an option in my Bios (Compatibility Support Module Configuration) with ROM execution: Storage was set to UEFI / Video was set to Legacy / Other PCI was set to UEFI. I've tried to switch Video from Legacy to UEFI. Here are the results: - On the VM...
  7. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    My Bios is quite recent (American Megatrends v5.12, 2019, UEFI 2.6). I've specified to boot with UEFI. Result is that i have the same error in the host Proxmox syslog when I boot: Note: This erro appears with a "fresh" boot (the computer stopped, then switched on). If I do a "reboot", this...
  8. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    Nothing special. My motherboard has a AMI Bios and i don't have changed any setting on it (except enabling virtualization). I don't have changed anything regarding UEFI. Nothing in the host GRUB regarding UEFI neither. I'm not familiar at all with UEFI...
  9. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    I'm not able to improve the situation with the solution proposed ("intel_iommu=on,igfx_off"): If applied on the host, GPU is no more available in the IOMMU group, then passsthrough fails at VM boot ("TASK ERROR: Cannot open iommu_group: No such file or directory"). If applied on the guest, no...
  10. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    Not sure to understand how to do that ? On the host ? What should i do ? GRUB modification on the host ? Ask my computer to boot with UEFI (today, it,s not the case, i'm booting from AMI BIOS with standard settings). Thanks for your help.
  11. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    Not that much issue during Proxmox boot: During VM boot (Bios OVMF) there are errors linked with my GPU: [ 2285.258607] vfio-pci 0000:00:02.0: vfio_ecap_init: hiding ecap 0x1b@0x100 [ 2298.550349] DMAR: DRHD: handling fault status reg 3 [ 2298.550455] DMAR: [DMA Read] Request device...
  12. Proxmox 5.2 Gemini Lake and IGD (graphics) passthrough for Ubuntu 18

    Hello, may you give more information because applying the parameters decribed before do not give me a satisfactory result. In my case, Ubuntu or Debian are running, HDMI with sound is working BUT the GPU (Intel HD Graphics) is not recognized (still seen as a "llvmpipe" card in Ubuntu or in...
  13. GPU Passthrough with Intel HD 920

    Hi All, My goal: Having Kodi up and running on my Proxmox server (HDMI output, HDMI sound, and hardware acceleration). Need to be able to passthrough GPU & Audio. The target would be to have it running on Debian 10 (best would be Libreelec but i was not able to make it run; i've stopped my...
  14. [SOLVED] LibreElec with Intel KabyLake GPU Passthrough

    Achievement: - GPU and audio passthrough working / Tested on Ubuntu and Win10 / Reproductible Still pending: - Win10: HDMI not activated (audio & GPU recognized, acceleration OK in Kodi) - Ubuntu: Acceleration not working (no issue on xorg, Intel drivers OK, DRI OK), graphic card unrecognized...
  15. [SOLVED] LibreElec with Intel KabyLake GPU Passthrough

    Hello all, i still not have reached my target (Kodi box full up and running on Proxmox) but i think my issues are mainly on the hos side rather than Proxmox and i'm currently able to passthrough GPU and audio. I will post a last message in order to share my findings and close this discussion.
  16. [SOLVED] LibreElec with Intel KabyLake GPU Passthrough

    Such a workaround make sense for me and will answer my needs. I will continue to investigate in order to find a solution "100% Proxmox"; once i will be discouraged, i will give it a try. Thank you very much.
  17. [SOLVED] LibreElec with Intel KabyLake GPU Passthrough

    Thanks for this link. I will give it a try ! I'm not that much optimistic because i've made many tries and each of them fails in a different maner. Here is the results of my tests in order to have Kodi running: - VM with Ubuntu: GPU passthrough is "working more or less" / HDMI display works /...
  18. passthough intel hd6000 with error

    In my personal case, i need to desactivate vga if i want the GPU Passtrough to work with "vga: none"


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