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  1. one pve cluster with multiple namespaces in pbs

    I want different vm's to be backed up to different namespaces in the same datastore (for example separate ns for each pve pool). Mostly because they are going to have different retention setup. Do I have to add the same pbs storage multiple times to the pve? Or do I miss something...?
  2. PMG backup encryption

    Configuration -> Backup/Restore -> Proxmox Backup Server Why backup stored in PBS is not ecrypted at all? Configuration dialog does not have "Encryption" tab: Equivalent dialog in PVE allows for encryprion:
  3. When deduplication happens?

    I want to use proxmox-backup-client to backup 500k small files (+-100GB total), which usually stay not changed between backups. 1. Is this good idea? 2. Will the client automatically upload only new/changed files? (good) Or will it every time upload all the files and it's server's job to...
  4. Remote "push"

    As far as I understand - one server may "pull" datastore from another one. ("Sync jobs" in configuration.) Is it possible/planned the other way? I want a local server (hidden behind firewall) to push its datastore to a remote one (publicly accessible).
  5. proxmox mail gateway as mail server?

    You don't need 2 "full" mail servers - one is enough (+2 pmg's). If you wish you might combine one pmg with mailserver, thus effectively you will have 2 vps. When your main server goes down - the other proxy will hold mails until the server goes back. By the way: separation IS important even on...
  6. proxmox mail gateway as mail server?

    Well... "PMG per se" indeed cannot do it, but... the underlaying system is Debian, so of course you may install extra software on the same server to achieve this goal. For example install dovevot imap/submission server + extra add extra postfix instance on private port to work as MDA + add some...
  7. Mail gateway with zimbra on same machine

    Highly unlikely. Try in container (if you are able to nest a container on the vps.)
  8. How to ignore _dmarc for outgoing trafiic?

    All outgoing mails (sent via port 26) fail on KAM_DMARC_REJECT test: pmg-smtp-filter[60054]: 313226187AB1C160A1: SA score=2/5 time=0.658 bayes=0.55 autolearn=no autolearn_force=no hits=ALL_TRUSTED(-1),BAYES_50(0.8),KAM_DMARC_REJECT(3),KAM_DMARC_STATUS(0.01) This seems because my dmarc policy...
  9. DKIM/SPF failure with sender_bcc

    I completely missed BCC action! Thank you! ...but no success. :-( * I removed my extra postfix config. * I created rule with From condition and BCC action. * Nothing changed: the original mail is delivered correctly to its recipient and pass verification without problems. The BBC copy triggers...
  10. DKIM/SPF failure with sender_bcc

    I use postfix feature sender_bcc. Basically it means that all mails sent by a chosen user are automatically cc'd to someone else (to be archived, for supervision, etc...) Problem: The auto-generated copies do not pass DKIM/SPF test and I have no idea why. I get such messages: Proxmox...
  11. [TUTORIAL] PMG 7/Debian 11 with fail2ban

    I don't think so. As far as I know - fail2ban does not monitor data transmitted over a chosen port. It monitors logs only. I think. :-)
  12. [TUTORIAL] PMG 7/Debian 11 with fail2ban

    Actually I believe "port https" means "port 443" - so you don't have to monitor it. PMG does not seem to use it.
  13. log in with ldap credentials

    So I suggest to change GUI prompt to "User name/E-mail:" - to make it less confusing. :-)
  14. log in with ldap credentials

    I added LDAP (actually Samba AD) server to PMG. It works. I can see list of users with their email addresses. The users can log in to pmg gui. Problem: In order to log in user MUST put their email address to the "User Name" field (and password to "Password" field). It is confusing, because the...
  15. Daily Spam Report from a secondary node in cluster

    The master node sends to users the Daily Spam Report with direct link to quarantine management site. Is it possible for a member node to do it instead? I want users get links to a secondary node and do quarantine management via web interface of that node.
  16. web security - port 8006

    PMG provides api access via 8006 port, as well as configuration access. I believe it is generally good idea to block connections to this port from outside of our internal network. (Why to open possibility of root log-in from the whole world?) On the other hand - Spam Quarantine panel is also...
  17. [TUTORIAL] How to add submission service to PMG?

    “Standard” way it to route all mails posted by your users from your submission server to PMG (usually via port 26). On the other hand… if all mails are generally supposed to go through PMG – why not to make PMG to be your submission server? It’s easy! Fist of all: you need sasl server. We will...
  18. Make use of relay_recipient_maps

    Is it possible to differenciate configuration by node? Something like "if hostname = aaa then ...."
  19. Initial feed for spam filter

    Is it enough to do it on one node only?


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