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  1. kernel parameter irqpoll blocks `atlantic` driven aquantia 10G NIC from working

    My build runs with an MSI 10G NIC powered by Aquantia AQC107 chip. Whenever I use irqpoll or acpi=off in kernel parameter, the NIC is brought down on startup and `ip link set dev enp5s0 up` cannot bring it up but gives the error of "Invalid arguments" Can't figure out why
  2. How can I use my secondary NIC and wire it to vmbr0 to expand my LAN?

    My room has only one RJ45 port in the wall which is taken up by the Proxmox server and I don't intend to add a switch to connect the other device to the LAN through network cable. The Proxmox server has a 10G NIC which connects to the router and runs behind the default network bridge vmbr0...
  3. nec-usb-xhci compatibility with macOS?

    I've been struggling to passthrough usb devices to my macOS12.3 VM. Passing these devices to emulated USB2.0 controller is okay but with limited transfer rates: 1. `qm monitor <vmid>` 2. `device_add usbhost,vendorid=<0x0000>,productid=<0x0000>,id=usbreader` However by passing these devices...
  4. HELP: kvmgt module cannot be loaded

    Proxmox version: 7.1 Kernel version: 5.13.19-6-pve Symptom: kvmgt module cannot be loaded as lsmod|grep kvmgt returns nothing whereas both i915.ko and kvmgt.ko can be found in /lib/modules/<each kernel version>/kernel/drivers/gpa/drm/i915/ Configurations 1: /etc/modules: kvmgt and vfio_mdev...
  5. gvt-g mdev missing after updating to 6.2-6

    I just did apt upgrade and gvt-g error followed. Here's the log: I checked associated files and found the folder "/sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:02.0/mdev_supported_types/i915-GVTg_V5_8/devices" still present but there is nothing in it, unlike things were before the latest upgrade. I manually...
  6. How to repair Proxmox without touching the pve-data lv?

    Thanks for sharing great idea. Actually I forgot to update the post to tell I had the problem solved by installing Debian to clear the pve-root logical volume and then install proxmox-ve based on Debian.
  7. How to repair Proxmox without touching the pve-data lv?

    I lost the pveproxy webUI when I tried to install docker based upon someone's instructions for ProxmoxVE 5.x on the web and then did a "apt update && apt full-upgrade". I tried to reinstall the proxmox-ve package as if I was installing proxmox on Debian as per the official description but only...
  8. Unable to activate CIFS for pve storage

    Both journalctl -xe and /var/log/syslog simply say: pve pvestatd[xxxx]: storage 'dsm' is not online
  9. Unable to activate CIFS for pve storage

    Thanks for replying. I tried with smbversion 2 and omitting this option, but still no effect. Actually my DSM918+ has been set to use smbversion 2 as min ver and 3 as max ver. There shouldn't be any compatibility issue with samba protocol.
  10. Unable to activate CIFS for pve storage

    I intend to transfer iso and image storage to my Synology NAS which I can perfectly mount via commandline:# mount -t cifs -o credentials=~/.smbCre //NAS IP/pveStorage /mnt/pve/pveStorageOnDSM/ -v However, the pveproxy webUI keeps loading the sambashare with parameters in /etc/pve/storage.cfg...
  11. Can't mount vm logical volume for file editing

    As I need to edit a file residing in a logical volume, I tried to mount it but failed. But I can't tell what is going wrong after searching the Internet for answers. Please help. Here's the list of my lvs: LV VG Attr LSize Pool...
  12. Unable to initiate intel gvt-g with ProxmoxVE 6.2

    I can't bring up intel gvt-g following the official documentation. No matter what I do, I can't see the /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:02.0/mdev_supported_types folder being created. What have I done wrong? Please help. Hardware info: Intel 8700t with Intel UHD graphics 630 iGPU Here's my...
  13. Intel gvt-g not working with 6.2

    Thank you for replying. I did as told from the thread to transfer "allow_unsafe_interrupts=1" from mod option to grub commandline, and it is effective now as cat /sys/module/vfio_iommu_type1/parameters/allow_unsafe_interrupts changed from "N" to "Y". But the non-effectiveness of gvt-g still...
  14. Intel gvt-g not working with 6.2

    I just finished install the newly released ProxmoxVE 6.2 due to a inadvertent resize of the / which had led to my computer crumbled down. After a series of settings to enable pci-e passthrough, a few issues appeared as below: pveproxy webUI reports "No IOMMU detected, please activate it.See...


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