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  1. Boot failed Not a bootable disk

    @Neobin SCSI Controller either Default (LSI 53C895A) or VirtIO SCSI; Vast majority of disks: ide0. Just a few sata0 and scsi0.
  2. Boot failed Not a bootable disk

    Hi @RolandK I was only hit once, on SATA disk. Since than, I had no other issue with corrupt partitions. Regards
  3. Proxmox 7.0.2 installation freeze on Dell R7525

    @StephanS had the exact same issue R7525. After trying prox7.3, 7.0, 6.4, ubuntu server, debian and all kernel parameters from above in proxmox with no luck, I have only changed: PCIe Preferred IO Bus value = 255 to PCIe Preferred IO Bus value = 0 SR-IOV Global Enable initially set to...
  4. PVE7 / PBS2 - Backup Timeout (qmp command 'cont' failed - got timeout)

    Bug still present with latest version. NSF storage on synology drive. Increasing from 3 to 8 seconds did NOT solve the problem. Increasing to 30 seconds DID solve the problem. Kernel Version Linux 5.13.19-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.13.19-4 (Mon, 29 Nov 2021 12:10:09 +0100) PVE Manager Version...
  5. Backup to PBS failed - qmp command 'query-pbs-bitmap-info' failed - got timeout

    Hi Thanks for your response. I didn't noticed high traffic and I do not think this is the reason because some of the VMs do the backup corectly while others fail but it is always the same VMs that fail. They also fail when I run the backup manually when there is virtually no activity on the...
  6. Backup to PBS failed - qmp command 'query-pbs-bitmap-info' failed - got timeout

    Hello all I have several VMs (mostly CentOS and Ubuntu) distributed across a few proxmox nodes. I have configured backup tasks for all VMs on all nodes. However, constantly, some of the VMs are failing to backup to PBS. PBS version in 2.1, Proxmox version 7.1-8. (However I had the same issue...
  7. [SOLVED] Expand zfs pool without loosing data

    It worked: zpool online -e zfsbkp ata-ST6000NM021A-2R7101_WRG06H4D Thanks for your help!
  8. [SOLVED] Expand zfs pool without loosing data

    Hi Thanks for your reply. Here is the output: root@proxbackup:~# zpool status pool: zfsbkp state: ONLINE scan: resilvered 1.53T in 0 days 04:05:44 with 0 errors on Mon Mar 22 19:57:49 2021 config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM zfsbkp...
  9. [SOLVED] Expand zfs pool without loosing data

    Nope, export and import did not do the job.
  10. [SOLVED] Expand zfs pool without loosing data

    Thanks, bobmc. I've done that. Do I need to run anything else to commit the changes?
  11. [SOLVED] Expand zfs pool without loosing data

    Hi all I've installed a PBS server to test the features and I've used 3 x 2TB drives in a RAID5 configuration. Everything went OK so I've decided to also test failed drives and I've replaced each drive one by one with 3 x 6TB drives resilvering in between. Is there a way to expand the...
  12. [SOLVED] Unable to prune

    Great resource, Fabian! I was able to troubleshoot my Pruning and garbage collector. The first option (keep last x) was a little bit confusing for me because it specifies a separate number of versions to be kept except those specified by daily, weekly etc. So those versions are on top of those...
  13. [SOLVED] Unable to prune

    So I'm still not able to configure pruning. The config is below: Here is what I found on the server. It seems that it is ignoring the config and it is keeping all the versions (one / day). Any ideas? Thank you Vlad
  14. [SOLVED] Unable to prune

    Hi all I have set up a few days ago a PBS and configured backup tasks from my proxmox servers. After a few days I have setup a prune schedule and run garbage collector however I see no decrease in the occupied storage. Is there a way to tell if the pruning was successful? Do I need to perform...
  15. Proxmox backup

    Hi Chris Tnx for your reply. Here is the output: 0 0 * * 6 root #vzdump --mailnotification always --all 1 --storage proxbkp --exclude 100,107,130,116,110,123,132,127,109,113,136,117,121,135 --mailto x --compress lzo --quiet 1 --mode snapshot 0 0 * * 1 root vzdump --mailto x...
  16. Proxmox backup

    Hi all My setup is a cluster with 8 Proxmox nodes and storage on NFS shares exported from a Synology storage. My question is about backup: In order to minimize the impact on the storage, I have split the backup for each node in each day of the week. For each node I have chosen to exclud some...
  17. Boot failed Not a bootable disk

    Hi Chris Thanks for your reply. Here is the output: # qm config 146 bootdisk: sata0 cores: 6 ide2: none,media=cdrom memory: 32768 name: tyr net0: virtio=92:7F:6B:C1:6C:DF,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1 numa: 0 onboot: 1 ostype: l26 sata0: tyr_nfs:146/vm-146-disk-0.raw,cache=writeback,size=250G scsihw...


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