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  1. Backup failed to restore

    Thank you fabian but seams the git has problem root@prox:~# git:// -bash: git:// No such file or directory root@prox:~# wget --2021-04-27 12:48:37--...
  2. Backup failed to restore

    my problem now is how to get back some php file and msql for some web project was hosted in this VM 101 anybody can help i can pay for the job please
  3. Backup failed to restore

    when i try extract the second backup also got this error zstd -d vzdump-qemu-101-2021_03_10-18_11_42.vma.zst /root/23/ _10-18_11_42.vma.zst : Read error (39) : premature end zstd: /root/23/: unknown suffix -- ignored root@prox:/var/lib/vz/dump# zstd -d...
  4. Backup failed to restore

    i do not have anymore access to the original server so what i have now are 2 version of backup vzdump-qemu-101-2021_03_10-18_11_42.vma.zst 28gb size and one vzdump-qemu-101-2021_03_11-01_56_38.vma 17 gb size booth dump was successful when i made them and size was this one so how i can...
  5. Backup failed to restore

    Thank you for the reply my case was i had to move from server to other so when i made backup i move the dump by scp t new server there we could not do the restore when i do restore from web interface here error log ***************** restore vma archive: vma extract -v -r...
  6. Backup failed to restore

    hello i have problem now for one moth all my VM are down and i have i9 one VM 101 very important data need t be restored ..the web interface all time failed to restore gives error i guess proxmox team work again to solve make it possible in my case i had backup dump...
  7. Attach raw file to virtual machine

    hello i have same situation failed to restre backup now i extract the backup and find qemu-server.conf tmp-disk-drive-scsi0.raw i was told to do new dummy VM with same size of backup disk and i made then i do qm import i made and i got new disk added to VM but not attached and...
  8. Create VM from existing qcow2 image ?

    hello , the qm importdisk was good and fast but could not boot the Vm got many error like you might want to regenerate your initramfs ... any help how to fix
  9. Unable to find vm image files in "/var/lib/vz/images"

    thank yo for the help .... do you know where the disk file are stored now or how can i find them at least if i can access the files will move them by scp to new Vm witch already run centos 7 with DA
  10. Unable to find vm image files in "/var/lib/vz/images"

    thank you very much but i guess proxmox document they should think how to make it easy now import success but could not boot many error in kernel Starting Dracut Emergency Shell... Warning: /dev/root does not exist Generating "/run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt" Entering emergency...
  11. Unable to find vm image files in "/var/lib/vz/images"

    Thank you for reply i still could not made it i try many ways all times error maybe i am doing something wrong let me explain i had BK from other server this bk failed to be restored by GUI so i extracted and i got this 2 files qemu-server.conf and tmp-disk-drive-scsi0.raw then i...
  12. Unable to find vm image files in "/var/lib/vz/images"

    Dear Ph)x thx for reply can you pls help me with extact command as i am getting error root@nyc:~# qm importdisk 105 /var/backups/23/tmp-disk-drive-scsi0.raw 400 not enough arguments qm importdisk <vmid> <source> <storage> [OPTIONS] root@nyc:~# qm importdisk 105...
  13. Unable to find vm image files in "/var/lib/vz/images"

    this is confusing , there is no possible to select local during the VM creation we can only select local-xxx in my case called local-zfx ..... also where can i find this storage ..... after failed to restore backups i manage to extract backup.vma and get 2 file qemu-server.conf...
  14. [SOLVED] LXC Container can't connect via OpenVPN

    [root@web ~]# mknod /dev/net/openpvn_containerid c 10 100 mknod: /dev/net/openpvn_containerid: Operation not permitted anyhelp
  15. qmrestore --storage problem

    hello. can you explain how. you imported extracted disk-drive-scsi0.raw to VM and re-created cloudinit disk.
  16. qmrestore --storage problem

    hi. I extracted it to temporary directory, then I moved extracted qemu-server.conf to /etc/pve/qemu-server directory, this. i made it. but next. can. explain how.
  17. qmrestore --storage problem

    can you. please give more details. as seams. you have the solution that all looking for. to solve problem. of. backup and restore. witch is not good option ....promx you should fix. this matter. this not joke.... a solution has no way to backup and restore easy. way. has no future. to be...
  18. VMA archive restore outside of Proxmox

    does not work for me and i am about to lose all my. life job
  19. restore a container lzo backup to a new container on another proxmox

    hello. , i have also problem in restore. ... i use to host all my. e shops. in dedicated server. friend told me to use proxmox i tried so far we move all data there we manage to fallow forum and get all run. .... now we i want to move to new server with promox. different data center i made...


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