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  1. Advice for Shared Hosting

    So these cPanel servers are hosted as VMs in your PvE? "Node CPU however goes up to 9.0 at times." Why is 9 a big deal? Or do you mean 90%? I use hardware RAID in all my deployments. I have heard nothing but bad things about using software RAID. Do you have 3 physical servers, each with a...
  2. Alienvault

    I meant that the OSSIM would be a standalone log repository, in addition to all its other features. Meaning that an agent would be deployed on each proxmox node, in addition to all the VMs. Do you run an OSSIM in a VM?
  3. Shared storage suggestion for a 5 node cluster?

    I was ta Oh I didn't realize omnios was a hardware product. I thought you were using napp-it as a cloud-based storage solution.
  4. Shared storage suggestion for a 5 node cluster?

    I just discovered what napp-it is. I am doing a similar storage setup. What are you doing to protect your VM disk images while they transit the internet? How is the performace of your VMs with this setup? I would imagine that every VM disk read/write operation takes significantly longer than...
  5. [SOLVED] Can't properly stop from booting into emergency mode

    Great! You should mark your post as 'solved'
  6. Add Quorum to server

    yes NFS is what I use for shared storage.
  7. Shared storage suggestion for a 5 node cluster?

    I think $3k is a good start for a single SAN server. Another consideration is the network interfaces on your proxmox nodes and the networking equipment they are connected to. For example we had a lot of issues with QoS. Should SAN traffic be favored over SIP or RTP? What happens if you need to...
  8. VLAN routing between Hypervisor network and storage network

    The reason the hypervisor and storage subnets are on different VLANs is because they don't need to talk to each other. If you need them to be able to communicate with each other its better to have everything on the same VLAN.
  9. Proxmox not creating vmbr0 on install. Why? Issue?

    Just put an IP address and mask into the interactive install.
  10. Strange behaviour of vlan networks

    Can you show us your /etc/network/interfaces file? Also are you trying to route between different VLANs?
  11. Creating a Cluster with VMs on primary node

    Yes. All you need to do is be sure to remove the node from the cluster, and never let it connect again. Name it something different when you connect it the second time.
  12. What do you looking at to make sure Proxmox is optimized/configured the best way possible?

    There are some benchmarking tools to test your file system storage, like 'bonnie++'. Otherwise ping is a good tool to measure latency, and keep an eye on the pveproxy graphs that come standard.
  13. Security announcements

    There should be a page on this site for known/probable security issues
  14. Shared storage suggestion for a 5 node cluster?

    NFS is fine, although insecure. Its the quick and easy way. Can you describe your setup a little more? I am working on VoIP hosting as well.
  15. Add Quorum to server

    But you will need Ceph or shared storage, otherwise when the servers die the disk images die with them.
  16. Scheduled backup failing

    You should repurpose an old PC/laptop or buy a server and some HDDs for extra storage.
  17. Cluster Corosync Fails when clustering

    What about the firewall configuration on each Proxmox Node? Is the default option set to 'ALLOW'? compare the contents of "cluster.conf" between the nodes. Another thing to note is that if you add and remove nodes to the cluster, for example remove Proxmox2 node, then add it again later, there...
  18. [SOLVED] Can't properly stop from booting into emergency mode

    I would say re-image proxmox and just use hardware raid. you can copy your VM disk images and config files to an external hard drive, then import. If you cant afford any downtime, idk...
  19. Alienvault

    I think Proxmox does a good job of managing its own logs. However I think the logs are copied between all nodes, so 4 nodes = 4x the log files. Also, there is an implicit trust relationship between all nodes, meaning that a credentialed user on one node could destroy the logs on all nodes.
  20. Alienvault

    yes this


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