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  1. [SOLVED] Adding SPAM Score to Unknown Senders

    Thanks, I made a Custom Score for this rule and it has helped. regards G
  2. [SOLVED] Adding SPAM Score to Unknown Senders

    Thank you - Thank you and apologies for not responding earlier. I am going through this now.
  3. [SOLVED] Adding SPAM Score to Unknown Senders

    Hi, Rejecting emails costs the business a lot of money, but if we don't reject emails properly - then there is a chance of getting a lot of spam. I have been debating what is the best manner, and wanted to open up a discussion if someone has found a solution to this. PMG offers a Setting where...
  4. Enabling Foreign Language Support

    Thank you @Stoiko Ivanov - Let me see and revert. I understand that Rules matching body are expensive, but they need to be done as spam is changing every day and with local language spam that is what we need to fix most for our network at the moment.
  5. Enabling Foreign Language Support

    Hi In India we have started receiving a new set of Spam, that uses badly formatted Hindi. I notice from that SA can do Hindi Spam too, and I wrote some rules to detect the Spam - but am not sure if this will cause the system to...
  6. Queued/Accepted

    This Delivers the email to an onward mail server that runs Postfix, I was able to grep and get the Following information syslog.10:Aug 3 12:44:50 one postfix/smtpd[10796]: 4BEF42C142E: client=localhost.localdomain[],[]...
  7. Queued/Accepted

    A few of our senders (while they exist on Whitelist, also their SA Score is either 0 or 1) are getting queued as QUEUED/ACCEPTED. I am unable to locate where these emails are, and here are some obfuscated headers for you to see - I can't locate where these emails are going Aug 3 12:44:44 one...
  8. Bayes and Spam Marking - Question

    No I dont use SA-LEARN manually as I dont' have access to mailboxes
  9. Bayes and Spam Marking - Question

    So how are you training Bayes if not by SA Learn? Do you have a hook into all MailBoxes?
  10. Bayes and Spam Marking - Question

    Noted, would love to hear what @heutger thinks about AWL and BAYES
  11. Bayes and Spam Marking - Question

    I have for now disabled AWL, not sure about BAYES as that is an Integral Part too, but the BAYES_XXX, lets see - how is it set on your public systems do you have Bayes Enabled / AWL Enabled?
  12. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    I think I should look into your rSPAMD implementation, about FCrDNS - I am still skeptical on my approach of this whole thing, though right now my bigger challenge is Bayes giving wrong points - I opened a thread here to discuss it.
  13. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Thanks I agree, people like me come and take over your thread and then it goes into another discussion. Thanks for 1 &2, I am currently using PDNSManager - It's simple and gets the work done, but I would like a little bit more control. I missed seeing the tool from Opera, and will explore that...
  14. Bayes and Spam Marking - Question

    Thanks, so I am now getting a lot of negative results thanks to AWL and BAYES and am working on improving those. I went through this - thoughtcrimes I have no visibility of the mail, they looked similar. Case in Example I have some personal rules that are giving a high marking for emails that we...
  15. Bayes and Spam Marking - Question

    So I have a Spam Email coming in from someone, it is evidently spam, while most of my rules blocked the first few emails, the following emails from the same sender are getting through. The Sending server is the same, the Subject and Body are all the same. Here are to SA Scores SA score=2/5...
  16. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Thank you for clearing this up. I will test it with some demo domains and see what happens. Appreciate you taking time out to answer my query.
  17. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Thanks for clearing that. So this is my understanding 1. Missing SPF - PMG Will Accept 2. SPF wrongly made - PMG will bounce @Stoiko Ivanov - Is there documentation related to this behaviour and how this is done at PMG?
  18. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    I agree with your point of view and also find value in the point of view Heutger has - I as a service provider had to ensure that we became complaint to SPF otherwise our mails were not reaching, but then we have to also look at large email service providers that still accept email without SPF...
  19. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Thanks, so I am not using SORBS for Blocking, I am just looking up and awarding it points. If the Total is high enough, we investigate and are fixing it. I would like to figure out how to play with the SPF Checking that is built into Spamassassin - maybe giving points depending on how the SPF is...


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