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  1. Proxmox-Neuling - Erste Planungen / Fragen

    Hallo Tom, ich habe eine vergleichbare Installation laufen. Der Proxmox-Host ist gleichzeitig "NAS", indem er die einzelnen ZFS-Datasets per CIFS und NFS frei gibt. Ich hatte auch mal überlegt eine NAS-VM anzulegen, dies aber wieder verworfen, weil für den Hausgebrauch dies so absolut...
  2. Network is not coming up automatically after Upgrade 3.4->4.2

    Hi Wolfgang, thanks, purging and reinstalling openvswitch packages did the job. Best regards Marco
  3. Network is not coming up automatically after Upgrade 3.4->4.2

    Thanks, I will try to reboot the machine this night to see if it has solved the issue.
  4. Network is not coming up automatically after Upgrade 3.4->4.2

    Hi, yesterday I have upgraded one single PVE node from 3.4 to 4.2 according to the upgrade guide in the Proxmox wiki. All went well except that the network is not coming up when booting. I have to manually restart it (systemctl start networking.service) then all interfaces come up. Can anyone...
  5. [SOLVED] Free 4.x available?

    Hi cosmos, why should you not be able to install Proxmox VE 4.1 from ISO like you did with version 3.4? After installation you only have to activate the no-subscription repository and disable the enterprise repo. That should do it.
  6. DEBUG Mode no Inputs possible

    Hi, I can confirm this, had the same issue.
  7. install proxmox on zfs with ssd

    No, TRIM is not supported on ZFS on Linux at the moment. This has nothing to do with Proxmox.
  8. [SOLVED] BSOD Windows Server 2008 qemu in Proxmox ve 3.4

    Hi PveUser, it IS like LnxBil said, your VM is not able to access the boot device. One possible way to go would be to install the mergeide on your running VMware VM to get support for IDE in KVM. Now convert the machine to KVM. Then boot the your VM in Proxmox with IDE controller and install...
  9. ZFS with SSDs: Am I asking for a headache in the near future?

    This (removing the log device in pve installer debug mode) was the way that DID NOT work for me. To be able to remove the log device you must be able to import the pool in normal way (rw). But trying this, the import command hang up and nothing happend. The only way was to import the pool in...
  10. ZFS with SSDs: Am I asking for a headache in the near future?

    Hi MasterTH, a few days ago I had exactly this issue that my ZIL/L2ARC SSD crashed on my home Proxmox server. More info in this thread: ZFS boot mirror: ZIL/L2ARC device crashed. You said: How have you been able to do some writing on the pool? When the ZIL device is not there, the Proxmox...
  11. [SOLVED] ZFS boot mirror: ZIL/L2ARC device crashed

    Hi, this seems not to be an Proxmox issue but an ZFS issue. Anyway I think it might be worth to know for Proxmox users. Issue: The SSD which was used as ZIL/L2ARC device for the boot/VM mirror crashed two days ago. After that I was not able to boot the system any more (boot stopped at grub)...
  12. [SOLVED] Install Debug Mode hangs

    Hi, I solved the problem with plugging in a PS/2 keyboard instead of using an USB one. Then I was able to press CTRL+D in debuggine mode.
  13. [SOLVED] KVM (WinXP) there is no connection

    Ok, but if the other VMs work fine, I think it is not an Proxmox issue. Did you try to configure a fix IP address in the XP VM?
  14. [SOLVED] KVM (WinXP) there is no connection

    Hi, perhaps you did accidentially disabled the network card of the VM? I assume you use a DHCP server in your LAN. Does any other VM/physical machine which is configured for DHCP has aný issues?
  15. add QNAP NAS to Proxmox Server

    Hi vikozo, like ox1de said, you have to configure your NFS share with the right permissions. I do not have a QNAP NAS here but I can give you an example like this looks like in OpenMediaVault (Open Source NAS). See the screenshot. You have to set permissions for the network (or host) address of...
  16. [SOLVED] Install Debug Mode hangs

    Hello, my ZFS boot mirror is broken, so I wanted to fix this reinstalling grub again, but I do not have a chance to boot in debug mode. When I choose this boot option then after reaching the console my system (Intel CPU) freezes. I can only push the reset button. I've also used an other...
  17. [SOLVED] After Upgrade ZFS pool gone

    After installing the latest updates the ZFS pools seem to be working without any issues again. I was able to import my second pool with zfs import -d /dev/disk/by-id POOLNAME Regards
  18. [SOLVED]Should I use NFS shares on host server or via VM like OMV or others

    Re: Should I use NFS shares on host server or via VM like OMV or other file server ty Hi Jim, this depends mainly on your personal taste and your skills. It seems that you want to provide file server functionality to your local net. If you set up a VM like OMV, FreeNAS, etc. than it will be...


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