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  1. [SOLVED] The Web UI forces me to re-login 'constantly', why?

    Generally the PC with the GUI open goes to sleep several times during the day, easily over 15mins. Would it be possible to change this 2 hours setting somewhere? I don't consider a much longer ticket validity as a security issue.
  2. [SOLVED] The Web UI forces me to re-login 'constantly', why?

    I also notice I have to re-login into the GUI quite often, at least once a day. I primarily use Firefox. Is there a timeout setting somewhere?
  3. Resize /dev/pve/data and transfer it to /dev/pve/root

    Thanks so much for writing this, I needed this today, and your guide saved me a lot of trial and error no doubt !
  4. I can't start LXC

    Latest is actually 6.0-7, and I had the same issue on 6.0-4 as you are having.
  5. I can't start LXC

    I fixed it with above method. What version of Proxmox does your web UI show?
  6. I can't start LXC

    Thanks, I am having this same issue. However, I am updated to latest version. I have not rebooted yet though, restarted pveproxy and pvedaemon. Anyone know what to restart to get this to work?
  7. Proxmox VE 6.0 beta released!

    Why would the disk replace commands change? Those are native ZFS commands, check how your disks are named in your pool and you know what replace commands to run. For trim, read: and search for Trim.
  8. Proxmox VE 6.0 beta released!

    Great news, can't wait to test it out!
  9. Random Restarts

    We are now running into this same error and had a full on crash last night. We're using an AMD Epyc CPU as well, a number of KVM guests and a 2-node Corosync cluster. Did you find anything?
  10. [SOLVED] LXC ID in broken state

    Thanks, that was the only solution it seems, fixed now.
  11. Installing gitlab into LXC container (sysctl kernel.shmmax)

    For others struggling to install Gitlab within LXC on Proxmox: Setting " proc:rw" was the solution for me.
  12. [SOLVED] LXC ID in broken state

    I seem to have gotten a specific LXC ID in a broken state. There have been 2-3 containers on this ID, at some point removed, then a new one cloned, which then has taken this free ID. This has led to the following state, /var/log/syslog: There's several dashed entries for LXC ID 107 in the...
  13. Combining bonding and NAT problematic

    If anyone ever finds this and is stuck on the same problem, the original setup with a slave bond0:1 was actually correct. The problem I had with routing was that I needed to use source routing ( to make it work properly.
  14. Stale stuck task

    Yes a couple times, no change.
  15. Stale stuck task

    I have a stuck task: Restarting this container works fine, this spawns new tasks which finish correctly, but this ghost task remains. Have tried restart pveproxy and pvestatd, but alas. Any idea how I can clear this up?
  16. Speed up zfs list -t all

    How would you want to speed it up exactly?
  17. Combining bonding and NAT problematic

    I am trying to combine bonding with NAT as follows: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno1 inet manual iface eno2 inet manual auto bond0 iface bond0 inet static slaves eno1 eno2 address FIRST_IP netmask hwaddress SOME_MAC_ADDRESS...
  18. [SOLVED] Replication with different target storage name

    I am also running into this problem, is there any news?
  19. Can't use LXC snapshots while a Bind Mount is setup

    Has anyone found a solution for this yet? This does not yet work in latest Proxmox 5.4-3 anyway.


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