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  1. Different privileges for root and user with Administrator role?

    My main issue with this was just the fact that I could not find the ACME account managent as non-root. If there was a place holder informing me that I need to be root to perform ACME account management it would not be as confusing. On a side note, if you look at the documentation for PVE GUI...
  2. Different privileges for root and user with Administrator role?

    I have setup a "normal" user with the Aministrator role and have been using this to manage my cluster without problem for quite a while. For some reason, I wanted to check what ACME account I had set up, and I could not find it. I thought I was going crazy until I realized that the ACME menu...
  3. [SOLVED] Update proxmox-acme dns plugin

    Sorry for bringing this up again, but I just realized that my patched plugin was overwritten by a version still containing the bug on April 26th. The patch was merged on March 14th ( Just hoping that you...
  4. [SOLVED] Update proxmox-acme dns plugin

    Thanks, that is of course the simplest solution.
  5. [SOLVED] Update proxmox-acme dns plugin

    Hi, my DNS-provider (Loopia) updated their API a couple of weeks ago which broke the plugin. I submitted a bugfix to the official repo and it has now been merged into their "master" branch. My question is, how can this bugfix be merged into Proxmox VE (and PBS, and PMG...)...
  6. Tuxis launches free Proxmox Backup Server BETA service

    Just wanted to mention that you can use Tuxis as a "remote sync" for your local backup server. This is the way we have it setup, and it works like a charm. Our local PBS does the actual backup and then the backups are synced every hour to Tuxis server. This way normal backup/restore is top...
  7. Cannot access VM via the console if I change the SSH port.

    I believe "ofc" in this case stands for "of course" :)
  8. [SOLVED] Systemd upgrade freezes Proxmox container

    Posting this for awareness, maybe it will help someone else with the same problem. I converted a Debian 10 VmWare machine to a container in Proxmox without any trouble. I then tried to upgrade the container to Debian 11, but the operation froze when trying to upgrade systemd. Setting up...
  9. Installation problem (no cdrom found) and a possible solution?

    So, I have installed Proxmox VE without any trouble on two servers via a USB-stick. Then I tried it on an older server and got the dreaded no cdrom found unable to continue (type exit or CTRL-D to reboot) / # message. I thought this was weird since I used the exact same installation media which...


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