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  1. Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    I have set network queues=32 (same as host) and CPU to host. Guest load was 1/3 of CPU and Memory or less. With CPU=HOST it does pretty well, although I'd still expect a bit better. A similar Ubuntu 22.04 guest on this box, as given 32 cpu and 32 network threads only did 177/292. Changed cpu...
  2. Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    Here is some more data. My ISP gives out 2 IPs, and I have 2 10G Unifi routers, so I connected both of them to an unmanaged 2.5G switch, and had my MacBook run OpenSpeedTest on the 'other/external' (UXG) router's network so I could test my VM all the way across the WAN port of the main rounter...
  3. Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    One more data point, I just installed OpenSpeedTest on one of my FreeNAS servers (this is the PVE cluster primary backup NAS) on VLAN101, and it can get full speed through the WAN. OpenSpeedtest on the GUEST VM ( to my M1 MacMini ( with 10G port (VLAN100, same...
  4. Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    Update: so, when I looked at the routing, I knew that wasn't right, so I popped by trusty XG-8 back into the network, I'd "upgraded" to the new UXG (it was limiting me to about 2.5Gbps) from Ubiquiti/Unifi as the XG-8 is EOL, but it has double the inter-VLAN routing performance that the UXG...
  5. Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    OK, it is something in the routing, if I host iperf3 on my VMs and put my Mac on VLAN101, I get just over 3 Gbps, so cross the VLAN is cutting the speed by half for some reason. Not nearly as much I'm losing to the WAN, but there's something there, just not sure what. It's also interesting...
  6. Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    Well, to be fair, if you look at the VM client's IPERF to my M1 Mac on the LAN I get pretty close to line speed, I just don't get it to the WAN with Speedtest on the web or CLI. That's why I was trying to make the distinction, the host and VM are both able to pass traffic and near 10G line...
  7. Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    Nobody has any ideas? This is just typical?
  8. Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    I'm having a similar difficulty to this thread that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have a cluster of Dell servers, each with 512G ram, and they are not stressed (screenshot at bottom). Each has a 1G NIC for corosync, and a 10G each for Image traffic (VLAN 101) and 10G for VM traffic...
  9. Mass Migration (multi-select)?

    Cool, will check that out... thanks.
  10. Mass Migration (multi-select)?

    I see on the roadmap that improvements are planned for larger installations, and was curious if this was (or could be) included in the coming updates? I find that if I'm going to take a host down for maintenance I sometimes want to move several guest VMs at the same time, and would like to be...
  11. 6.4 to 7 dependency issue on one node

    Nevermind, I had to remove the ceph sources entry (/etc/apt/sources.list.d/ceph.list) and then was able to complete the upgrade.
  12. 6.4 to 7 dependency issue on one node

    I am having a dependency issue. The following packages have unmet dependencies: python3-cephfs : Depends: python3-ceph-argparse (= 15.2.14-pve1) but it is not installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution). root@svr-00:~# apt install...
  13. [TUTORIAL] Get Postfix to Send Notifications (Email) Externally

    Great tutorial, and I have tested on my primary node (the one I use to monitor my cluster), but should this be done on every node in the cluster?
  14. Subscription type/cores for VM?

    That's cool, I just want to be a good citizen and get my sub when available, it looks really great - and I'm looking forward to backing up the hosts as well. I don't use the mail gateway today, so I wasn't sure if PBS would be like that or like the base PVE. Keep up the good work.
  15. Subscription type/cores for VM?

    So, it looks like PBS is not an add-on like the email gateway, correct? So, if I want to run PBS as a VM, do I buy only 1 core, or the number of cores I plan to allocate to the VM?
  16. Problem joining cluster

    So, I'm a bit of a debian novice, so it's probably my fault, but I couldn't get my new node into the cluster (after several tries of deleting and reinstalling) but to remove ring1 and ring2 config from the running cluster, add via the UI, and then add the ring1/2 configs back in. I think there...
  17. Problem joining cluster

    So, I deleted the node and reinstalled. Trying to join from the UI, and I think this is a bug. If I enter the JOIN information, the drop down for Link0 has the 3 network interfaces with CIDR notation only (I can't edit them), but when you pick one it complains that it doesn't look like an IP...
  18. Problem joining cluster

    I think my issue is that I joined the cluster with the command line (it wouldn't let me pick the network interface in the UI, because it kept defaulting them to CIDR), and I only entered the ring0 information maybe. I missed the part about needing to enter all 3 rings in the command. And, if I...
  19. Problem joining cluster

    I tried to add a 5th node to my cluster, and it appears in the running cluster but as offline. I see the correct corosync config on the cluster, but when I look at the new node it did not get an updated corosyn.conf file (in /etc/pve, it did in /etc/corosync), and it will not let me login to...
  20. Backup: Odd slowness on one host in cluster

    Rebooting seems to have resolved it for now, my previous hdparm result was about 10MB/s


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