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  1. [SOLVED] Private networking between VMs?

    a /32 subnet means you're only having a single IP address. It's literally , meaning there are NO other network devices on that segment. This won't work. Make like a /28 or something for your internal networks, and you'll be in better shape.
  2. Some windows server 2003 are shutting down automatically in Proxmox VE 5.1

    I hate to say it, but don't expect this to be fixed. Win2k3 is dead and gone, and developing fixes for a dead OS more than likely isn't a top priority. I'd recommend instead of wasting time troubleshooting the 2k3 issue, put your time into migrating those servers to a newer, supported OS.
  3. Proxmox and support for Backup Deduplication

    No, it doesn't. The backups themselves are written in a way that dedupe has very little impact at all.
  4. ZFS, extremely slow writes, soft lockups

    A quick, easy way to check is to set zfs sync=disabled on the pool, and test again. This turns off all syncwrites, and just confirms, so pulls out the zil bottleneck. HOWEVER It's not safe to do this for prod without a huge amount of redundancy. If you suffered a power loss with this and the...
  5. Windows KVM guest network speeds

    With testing network connections, I strongly recommend against using file-based transfer protocols. you end up with a lot of overheard there that is completely unneeded. Try with Iperf
  6. Dual SFP+ Card only showing 1 Nic

    Got it working by installing bare debian, installing the non-free-firmware package, and then installing proxmox on top of it.
  7. Dual SFP+ Card only showing 1 Nic

    Just installed some Chelsio cards, dual 10GB SFP. When I log into the GUI, I only see 1 new nic called enp66s0 to configure. Logging into the console and doin ga lspci | grep 'Ethernet' shows my 4 onboard gigabits, and 1 "Chelsio Communications Inc T320 10GbE Dual Port Adapter" What am i...
  8. Issues updating Beta

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't ask for a yes or no, it just dumps into the quoted above. Same 7 packages.
  9. Issues updating Beta

    And for those who said to dist-upgrade instead of reading the post: The following packages have been kept back: corosync-pve dmeventd dmsetup libcorosync4-pve libdevmapper-event1.02.1 liblvm2cmd2.02 lvm2 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.
  10. Issues updating Beta

    I'm having issues updating my beta install, and wondering if it's me or what. When I run an apt-get update && apt get upgrade, I get: The following packages have been kept back: corosync-pve criu dmeventd dmsetup libcorosync4-pve libdevmapper-event1.02.1 libdevmapper1.02.1 liblvm2app2.2...
  11. Monitor proxmox node

    Either grab the package from a different machine and scp it over and install, hook up to the Internet for a moment and do it, or build a local apt mirror. This isnt a Proxmox question, this is Linux 101
  12. Monitor proxmox node

    Apy get install xinetd. Just like anything else
  13. Monitor proxmox node

    Install xinetd on the proxmox box. Check mk needs it
  14. Monitor proxmox node

    Download the file to your local workstation, copy it to the Proxmox host via scp or the like, install it and go. Note: Your check MK will pick up the bridge and the vnets for your vms. It won't pick up the proxmox vm's themselves. THis leads to odd things like when you shtu down a vm you get...
  15. Cluster 2 node high availability

    You need 3 nodes for HA Cluster. 2 will not work, due to the limitations of quorum.
  16. Slow NFS performance

    Well, I've already got a surplus of the 10g rj45 switches, so going that route. Great to hear, time to order!
  17. Slow NFS performance

    Alright. Do you know if the Intel X540-T2 Cards are supported then? I'd happily slap a set of those in each machine if needed.
  18. Slow NFS performance

    I've got a freenas box serving up shared storage via NFS to my proxmox cluster. It's connected via 1 gig bonds, and when testing the disks themselves on the device, give plenty of IO. However, when I run pveperf on it, i'm getting sub 200 fsyncs/sec, which to me is absurdly low. I'm guessing...
  19. Not all nodes showing up in web of all nodes

    Just added a new machine to our cluster, but it's not showing up in the web gui for all nodes. If I go to say node C or D, all 6 show up, but if I go to node A, only A-E show up and no F. I ssh'd into some of the nodes, and noticed their /etc/hosts doesn't have all the nodes there either. What...
  20. "Cloud" like delegation

    This sounds like a great tool to build based on the existing API.


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