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  1. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    How do you prevent DKIM to be invoked for inbound as I remember from my rspamd tests, that you need a special version of Postfix to be able to control, when milter is called, otherwise once integrated it's called inbound as well as outbound, although you see your benefits outbound only.
  2. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    milter-reject screams for an individual adjustment as PMG doesn't use milter as default. I use milter with spamass-milter and I saw some DKIM tutorials here also using milter. DKIM and DMARC are close together, so it looks like you first time raised a DMARC reject based on DMARC policy (as DMARC...
  3. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Unsure in which direction, but as DMARC is not implemented in PMG yet, I believe, it's not coming from PMG.
  4. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Didn’t test it yet. As I would like to improve documentation as well as cleaning up my system instead of upgrading, I will test in the next days.
  5. Trusted Network einschränken

    Es gibt einige Feature Requests, wir sind gespannt auf das nächste neue Feature Release.
  6. Custom interval in clearing local dns resolver cache

    So that's what I did. For sure, I also changed in PMG to use the local DNS server. If you're still locked after that, it seems, your server produce too much queries against uribl. If your mail flow is larger than 100.000 messages per day, you're required to purchase a subscription (also if you...
  7. Bayes training?

    Maybe an idea as well, however, not really nice.
  8. Bayes training?

    How did you got this scores? From bayes autolearn? You should get your users copy (not forward!) mails with spam to a spam folder/mailbox as well as ham mails, which got recognized as spam. Then use sa-learn to learn such messages. If you're on a linux based system and familiar with coding, I...
  9. Custom interval in clearing local dns resolver cache

    See my advancing thread, I installed unbound out of the box without any adjustments. It's working well. My setup is described there, planning to do a GitHub therefor also.
  10. Too much spam getting through

    Consider my Advancing thread for some adjustments, which would improve your spam detection. @Stoiko Ivanov sure, blacklists are part of the concept, but with IPv6 increasing more and more, other techniques are required and need to be improved as well.
  11. Trusted Network einschränken

    Korrekt, und vielleicht gibt es seitens Proxmox für zukünftige Updates die Möglichkeit, daß man ähnlich Debian-Updates "diffs" in deren templates angezeigt bekommt und wählen kann, was damit passieren soll, bspw. einen eigenen merger anstoßen kann.
  12. Hide internal hosts - what is it doing?

    Thanks @Stoiko Ivanov, although @Afox also would like to have the internal "rerouting" removed (maybe PMG 6.1 will change that to SMTP Proxy mode for pre-queue scanning either), it's what I would like and need (hiding all my internal infrastructure for the outside) for a commercial setup. We use...
  13. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Strange, you should check your settings, why your sa-update requires SHA512 here. I don't have such errors on my installations.
  14. Fail2Ban for Proxmox Mail Gateway

    SMTP you can find in the search, many people tried different profiles. In my Advancing PMG Thread I just filter two cases, killmasta93 also block some more using redmail fail2ban samples. SSH is shipped in the default settings of fail2ban, you just need to activate, GUI you may find some help in...
  15. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Perform the sa-update lines above manual via shell line by line, then you may see, which brings up this message.
  16. Fail2Ban for Proxmox Mail Gateway

    Use the search, fail2ban has been implemented in different ways and to ban different things. On my setup, I ban milter-rejects and hangups. Others are more aggressive.
  17. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Didn't got yet. Also wondering why SHA-512, it's a bit of a big step.
  18. Relay Blacklist Optimization

    My "final" recommended set for sure will go into adjustments. I just use this thread to document and inform anyone on the lists, I already tested and phased out for too many false-positives or other reasons (typical to many false-positives). No, I'm not familiar with, as there are not only...
  19. Trusted Network einschränken

    Bitte Handbuch lesen, da ist das schon ordentlich beschrieben und hier im Forum auch häufiger: Die Templates, die man anpassen möchte, müssen von /var/lib/pmt/templates nach /etc/pmg/templates kopiert werden, im Falle der ist es die Ein editieren der /etc/postfix/ ist...
  20. Hide internal hosts - what is it doing?

    You may quote some of Promox stuff, there is no response yet.


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