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  1. Richard

    Proxmox Firewall with NAT and portforwarding.

    squid itself is not installed in Proxmoy by default. If you installed it (accidentally) remove it by apt remove squid If you have activated just the respective firewall macro remove it in the web GUI (<node> -> Firewall -> Remove )
  2. Richard

    Windows VM rebooting (bugcheck)

    Just whether the problems occurs in a Proxmox VE 5 environment too.
  3. Richard

    PVE from RAMFS & LXC

    Post the content of /var/lib/lxc/101/config
  4. Richard

    Proxmox VE 6.0-6 ZFS Replication issues/bug with 3 nodes

    For replication logic "nofailback" does not make any difference: the node where the VM had been hosted originally remains the "more preferred" one regardless the HA settings.
  5. Richard

    Proxmox Firewall with NAT and portforwarding.

    Not true. You can use Proxmox firewall and any "manual" iptables setting in parallel. Proxmox is able to distinguish "manaul" and "Proxmox driven" settings from each other. Datacenter settings are in principle nothing else than the same settings for each node (you may have in a cluster). If you...
  6. Richard

    Windows VM rebooting (bugcheck)

    We did not encounter such a problem up to now - does it occur in Debian stretch hosts too?
  7. Richard

    Change of sectorsize

    Works if you use virtio block for the respective disk and set global parameters (example assumes that it's the third disk): agent: 1 bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 3 memory: 32768 name: VM numa: 0 ostype: win10 scsi0: proxmox-rbd:vm-103-disk-0,size=60G scsi1: proxmox-rbd:vm-103-disk-1,size=32G...
  8. Richard

    Proxmox shows very low resource usage on an LXC Container

    Is this contradictory to (h)top inside the container?
  9. Richard

    PVE from RAMFS & LXC

    For understanding the case more information is necessary. If analysis is still requested post a pvereport.
  10. Richard

    (outbound) network CPU usage is high

    Before ruling out a pfsense issue totally: how is the CPU usage inside the (pfsense-)guest?
  11. Richard

    Proxmox VE 6.0-6 ZFS Replication issues/bug with 3 nodes

    See : "redistributing services after a more preferred node comes online will lead to errors."
  12. Richard

    NFS server is activating

    Note that DRBD is not a part of Proxmox and will supported by Linbit directly. If use it it's on your own risk, in case of any issues you may contact
  13. Richard

    Hetzner Proxmox routed configuration halfway working

    AFAICS not (according to providers how-to) - but note that it's the providers responsibility. Note that the "routed" version is a little bit tricky. Try rather use the "bridged" method - all you need is to order an additional...
  14. Richard

    Proxmox 5.4 to 6.0 : Strange network issues

    AFAIU you mean you have two physically separated networks and only the endpoints know about bonding. How are the other endpoints configured? Do they use also openvswitch@Proxmox?
  15. Richard

    Proxmox 5.4 to 6.0 : Strange network issues

    You should set lacp=active. From this apart we tested something corresponding to your configuration for a couple of days in both pve5 and pve6 and did not encounter any problems. Note: if the switch is not configured correctly it may work for a while but sporadic blockings are possible.
  16. Richard

    Create RBD image based on another image

    AFAIU you want to move virtual disks between VMs - correct? Possible, but you have to to this by editing the corresponding .conf files. those configuration changes will have only effect after the next start of a VM from idle state. If you are not careful and assign a virtual disk to more VMs...
  17. Richard

    problem with keyboard in VM console

    The keyboard configuration inside the VMs should be identical to those of both host and the machine where the web client runs.
  18. Richard

    LXC Nat config, no internet access after upgrade to 6

    Firewall activated? If yes: does it work with firewall disabled?
  19. Richard

    unable to acquire pmxcfs lock - trying again

    The corosync cluster is down. Check your Cluster network(s) and restart cluster service: systemctl restart pve-cluster.service
  20. Richard

    Incident with Windows Update

    Firewall somewhere?


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