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  1. wolfgang

    proxmox und WLAN geht das?

    Morgen. Nein auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno1 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address netmask gateway bridge-ports none bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 auto wlp0s20f3 iface wlp0s20f3 inet dhcp...
  2. wolfgang

    Cloud init dont work w LVM

    Thank Here the link for all others to see the status of it.
  3. wolfgang

    Configuring lxc vlans via pvesh (api)

    I see. For this, we have the reference docu [1]. I see your point but as far as I can see that would overload the API docu. And it is the docu for the API and not for the settings. 1.)
  4. wolfgang

    proxmox und WLAN geht das?

    Du musst den bridge-port von eno1 auf none setzen. Da sonst die VMBR den Status von der nic bekommt.
  5. wolfgang

    Cant mount nfs drive after backup and restore

    Hi, correct me if I'm wrong. Do you try to mount an NFS share in a VM what where the export is in an LXC container? If so did you check if the NFS server is running in the CT? Ensure that the NFS share is working?
  6. wolfgang

    how to recovery guest VM from one separated pve cluster

    Hi, do you see any VM.conf in your /etc/pve/<nodename>[lxc|qemu-server]/ ?
  7. wolfgang

    Node crashing randomly

    Hi, do you use ZFS as rpool? If yes do you have a swap partition on the rpool?
  8. wolfgang

    Pacemaker in Proxmox cluster

    The pacemaker can use corosync so this should not interfere. But I didn't test it, so no guarantee. Yes, but if you have tourble nobody can help you because this is not supported Setup. I mean all ProxmoxVE components are supported. If corosync fails because of pacemaker interfere than we will...
  9. wolfgang

    pvelocalost when using DHCP

    Hi, If you have a dynamic IP you must use a Routed or NATed setup anyway. Use the IP of the bridge for the hosts file.
  10. wolfgang

    Booting Kernal Failed: Invalid Argument

    Hi, Why do you use the VMWare emulation. I guess Ubuntu 18.04 has no driver for this.
  11. wolfgang

    [SOLVED] Linked Clones For Long Term Usage

    Hi, Yes, this also counts for LVM-Thin but you can always move the disk an create an independent image. This is working for all linked clones.
  12. wolfgang

    [SOLVED] GPU Passthrough - HDMI audio

    Hi, You forgot in your config the Audio Device. There is only the setting for GPU passthrough.
  13. wolfgang

    Predictable network names or not?

    Hi, The problem is they are not really predictable names. The path comes from the Bios and can change if you make Bios updates or you enable IOMMU. The initramfs initialize the nic with ethX and then UDEV will rename it in predictable network names.
  14. wolfgang

    Proxmox and GlusterFS

    Hi, The GlusterFS server is not part of ProxmoxVE. On which version of GlusterFS server you are? Generall, it is recommended to upgrade to the current version of GlusterFS server.
  15. wolfgang

    Configuring lxc vlans via pvesh (api)

    Hi, what do you mean with the documentation says you must use trunks? tag=<integer> (1 - 4094) VLAN tag for this interface. trunks=<vlanid[;vlanid...]> VLAN ids to pass through the interface
  16. wolfgang

    lvm cloud-init devices not avaiable after stop

    Hi, See
  17. wolfgang

    Cloud init dont work w LVM

    Hi, please open a ticket on
  18. wolfgang

    proxmox und WLAN geht das?

    Bitte stell sicher das deine WLan Karte auch wirklich Monitore Mode unterstützt. Dieser wird für die Bridge benötigt. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist musst du es mit einem gerouteten Setup machen.
  19. wolfgang

    Feature request: VM migration (restart mode)

    Hi, please make a feature request on
  20. wolfgang

    error with cfs lock on zfs filesystem because of timout

    You could use "pvesm alloc" this is a sycron task and should have no timeout. After the disk is allocated you must run qm rescan and then you have the disk as an unused disk in the VM config.


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