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  1. oguz

    [SOLVED] Debian 10 LXC Container won't start after 'apt upgrade'

    hi, check our upgrade guide[0]. [0]:
  2. oguz

    [SOLVED] PMG 5.2 LXC nicht erreichbar über Web-Gui

    hi, im /etc/hosts file von container, die zeile mit pmg1 entfernen, IP addresse anpassen (a.b.c.d pmg1, a.b.c.d die IP addresse von CT)
  3. oguz

    Samba secondary DC in an unprivileged LXC container with Debian Buster

    hi, please do not double post. i have answered to your first post[0]. [0]:
  4. oguz

    setup on hetzner and security of the proxmox control pannel

    whether it's "enough" of a measure to protect your instance, depends entirely on the rules you set up on the firewall itself and your network configuration. you don't have to use pfsense VM for firewalling. you could also use the proxmox FW or hetzner/ovh/any firewall solution for that matter.
  5. oguz

    network config is it possible to use cli and gui ?

    hi, if you add source-directory /etc/network/interfaces.d in the configuration file, other configuration files you add into /etc/network/interfaces.d/ will affect your network configuration. it's not recommended to edit this file manually, so instead use GUI or in case you have specific...
  6. oguz

    Samba secondary DC in an unprivileged LXC container with Debian Buster - ..."security.NTACL") failed: Operation not permitted (1)

    hi, the security.* namespace is reserved for root, so it won't work with unprivileged containers (privileged containers run as real root so they don't have this restriction) unfortunately it seems like samba uses security.NTACL [0] instead of a userspace implementation. you could try setting...
  7. oguz

    Block rar compressed file with only contain exe extension in proxmox

    hi, try choosing the correct content type from the dropdown box instead of typing 'exe'. take a look at attached screenshot.
  8. oguz

    ArchLinux / LXC /systemd v240

    würde ich vorschlagen. einfach ein backup erstellen, und beim restore die checkbox auf 'unpriviligiert' aktiviert lassen. was für probleme kriegst du eigentlich momentan? nur die lan verbindung? vielleicht können wir uns anschauen und einen workaround finden. ja... ich glaube debian buster...
  9. oguz

    ArchLinux / LXC /systemd v240

    hi funktionieren die containers nicht mit nesting an? priviligiert oder unpriviligiert? ich glaube unpriviligierte archlinux CTs funktionieren generell besser
  10. oguz

    lxc apparmor="DENIED" operation="mount" error=-13

    hi, this is actually normal, because lxc containers share the host kernel. therefore logs from the kernel are also shared.
  11. oguz

    Proxmox 6.0 : Can't start my 3 nodes cluster

    is this really the entire output? you should be seeing a lot more. can you post the full output? edit: pipe the output to a file like this: journalctl -u 'pve*' -e > journal.txt and copy/attach the journal.txt file
  12. oguz

    Proxmox VE installed in Virtualbox - No internet connectivity

    hi, yes. host-only adaptor is for communication between your machine and the proxmox vm. in your screenshot i see you have a weird network config. gateway from won't work with the IP address you've set.
  13. oguz

    Containers fail to restart

    hi, it starts with a problem in the container which doesn't start properly. basically, systemd kills the cleanup process before it can do its job, a bit racy. you could start your container with debug logs[0] and we can take a look why it doesn't boot. [0]...
  14. oguz

    Any plans to add docker support?

    hi, no plans. but you can run docker in VMs or in nested LXC containers.
  15. oguz

    [SOLVED] Remote access is disabled in CT

    hi, what's your networking setup like? does each CT have their own public IP? if not, then you will have to portforward.
  16. oguz

    Containers fail to restart

    hi, these directories are left behind when a container fails to start and doesn't clean up properly afterwards. did you upgrade from old debian like wheezy? because newer debian versions use systemd instead of init, and upgrading from such versions seem to cause inconsistencies w.r.t...
  17. oguz

    VM Failing to open

    hi, you have same MAC address 12:1B:4D:FD:B6:F7for both VMs. maybe that's why you don't get network connection. however i think the problem can be because of the power disconnect. it's likely that your disk got corrupted or the lvm metadata was deleted. not possible to tell without the output...
  18. oguz

    [SOLVED] Download templates LXC containers

    hi, we don't use openvz for containers anymore, we use lxc. you can use our tool pveam to fetch templates, or you can go to and get the rootfs from there and create a new CT with it.
  19. oguz

    Backups not working with "unprivileged" containers.

    hi, what error do you get while trying to back up the unprivileged container?
  20. oguz

    VM Failing to open

    for the disk vm-101-disk-0, since it appears to be unreachable/missing can you send me the configuration of the original VM and the clone? qm config VMID should do it.


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