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  1. tom

    [SOLVED] Proxmox - Klonen schlägt fehl

    Bitte auf jeden Fall auf die aktuelle Version updaten, sollte das Problem noch immer auftreten, bitte erneut posten.
  2. tom

    Proxtalks 2019 in Frankfurt

    Am 30. Oktober 2019 ist es wieder soweit und unser Partner stacktrace GmbH organisiert bereits zum 4. Mal die deutschsprachige Konferenz rund um Proxmox VE. Proxtalks 2019 findet wieder in Frankfurt am Main statt. Vor und nach der Konferenz gibt es die Möglichkeit ein Training zu besuchen...
  3. tom

    How to declare a drive read-only for a vm?

    As you are new here, you should learn how the project and the community is working. so please follow the standard procedures and if you have a feature request, please file it on the right place.
  4. tom

    Feature Request: Green IT

    the opposite is true. by using virtualization (qemu and lxc), you can save a lot of resources. but due to many reasons, a Proxmox VE host has to run at full speed.
  5. tom

    PVE6.0-5: Corosync3 segvaults randomly on nodes

    you missed latest updates for libknet, please upgrade and compare your list with: if you still see issues after applying the updates, please post again.
  6. tom

    PVE6.0-5: Corosync3 segvaults randomly on nodes

    please post your pveversion -v.
  7. tom

    MG 6.0 relay domain not working.

    No, a configuration issue on your side, I assume you have a wrong SMTP port setup. Based on what you posted here, its unable to see the issue.
  8. tom

    Console output stops after udev

    Do you run Bulleye as a LXC container?
  9. tom

    Proxmox 6.0 + Windows 10, VM often goes black + CPU 80%

    @fellow1033 , we understand that you do not like Proxmox VE. this is a support forum for Proxmxo VE, so if you have question just ask, all the rest what you post is not that interesting for our community and off topic. Seems you were hit from a Microsoft issue, so check the links posted from...
  10. tom


    Siehe auch die Speicherdauer vom Syslog im config file auf: > /etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog
  11. tom

    VM doesn't start Proxmox 6 - timeout waiting on systemd

    Default kernel in pve-no-subscription repo. See
  12. tom

    PVE 5.4-11 + Corosync 3.x: major issues

    Yes and please read details on the links I posted.
  13. tom

    PVE 5.4-11 + Corosync 3.x: major issues

    Why not? There is also an archive of all messages, see Depends what you really need to know. If you want in depth explanation for your own situation and a direct and private contact to our devs, consider a support subscription.
  14. tom

    PVE 5.4-11 + Corosync 3.x: major issues

    Just follow the pve-devel mailing list to follow latest status of development.
  15. tom

    cluster with 2 nodes?

  16. tom

    [SOLVED] delivery temporarily suspended

    Details about your hardware? (memory shortage?)
  17. tom

    Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly reports

    Hard disk full? What you need here is a monitoring system - there are plenty of such tools around.
  18. tom

    Error when connecting to Spam or Virus Quarantine

    IE 11 is not supported. The warning is normal, as long as you did not configure a valid certificate.
  19. tom

    Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.0 released!

    IE11 is not supported by our web interfaces.
  20. tom

    Action Object 'Block' returns 250 2.7.0 BLOCKED. Can this be changed?

    Most Spam emails should be rejected on SMTP level (RBL, Greylisting, Receiver Verification, SPF,), so a 250 will never happens. If emails are accepted by the Proxmox Mail Gateways, you have to deal with it in your rule system. There is currently no Postfix Before-Queue Content Filter filtering...


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