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  1. t.lamprecht

    4.15 based test kernel for PVE 5.x available

    Hi. This is quite an old Thread, started well over a year ago. At many problems reported are not valid anymore. Maybe it's best to start a new thread with your specific issue. You could try to disable some offloading, but that may reduce general performance a bit: ethtool -K eth0 gso off gro...
  2. t.lamprecht

    [SOLVED] No local-lvm after Join Cluster/proxmox ve 5.4-3

    your storage is disabled. Go to Datacenter -> Storage select "lvmthing", edit it and ensure that it is enabled again.
  3. t.lamprecht

    Stopping on "Booting from Hard Disk..."

    No, sorry, not from the information I have. You can check in VM Options if the correct disk is in the "Boot Order" (from our translations, it should be "引导顺序"). As all other issues would come from the installation itself, for which I'd ask the community from the operating system you tried to...
  4. t.lamprecht

    Hetzner Proxmox routed configuration halfway working

    Nobody said it's impossible ;) But for people starting out the bridged one is often easier.
  5. t.lamprecht

    Frage zu corosync knet mtu flapping

    Naja, läuft backup traffic auch über das Netzwer wo corosync/kronosnet drauf kommuniziert? Das würd so einiges erklären.. Zusätzlich: es wird auch empfohlen einen vollen reboot nach dem upgrade zu machen.
  6. t.lamprecht

    boot errors

    Yes, exactly. You can create OSDs after installation and initial ceph setup easily through the Webinterface. Sorry, how do you mean that? yes, in theory you could add a OSD on parts of that SSD, but I really would not do that. 1. 256GB is rather small for an OSD, especially if parts of that...
  7. t.lamprecht

    How to connect by FTP to a ubuntu LXC

    As often SSH dissalows root login over SSH by default. If that line is not present, or has another value then either: * change it to yes and restart it * add you public key to the authorized_keys file of /root/.ssh/authorized_keys, to allow authentication via public key instead of passwords.
  8. t.lamprecht

    How to connect by FTP to a ubuntu LXC

    Maybe the SSH daemon config /etc/ssh/sshd_config has the PermitRootLogin not set to yes? Check if there's a line (without # at the beginning) like: PermitRootLogin yes
  9. t.lamprecht

    Stopping on "Booting from Hard Disk..."

    Then I'd guess the installation of the OS in the VM failed? What do you mean with DSM system? What Operating system is it?
  10. t.lamprecht

    pct snapshot <vmid> <snapname> not working reliably

    On what storage are the CTs/VMs? Also, can you manually execute a pct snapshot through CLI and post the output here?
  11. t.lamprecht

    Node configuration

    First, there are no checks whatsoever which would disallow a setup if one node is a glorious supercomputer and the other a potato, as long as clustering (corosync and it's network) between them works the HA stack won't complain. That said, the reason for why we say this: if you use HA, all HA...
  12. t.lamprecht

    Firewall web interface

    You're right, sorry for the regression, it will be fixed with pve-manager in version 6.0-7 or newer, which is currently available in the no-subscription repository (and should transit to enterprise relative soon).
  13. t.lamprecht

    [SOLVED] Vms not booting after physical server reboot

    You could try lvconvert --repair pve/data Also, there are some threads here which talk about similar issues, e.g.:
  14. t.lamprecht

    [SOLVED] pveproxy fails to load local certificate chain after upgrade to pve 6

    I highlighted the "Issues to be aware of for buster" more in the known issues section, to make people better aware that (almost) all of them normally affect PVE users too: Hmm, if a new kernel was installed it could make...
  15. t.lamprecht

    Cannot create cluster at all

    Re-install works too. And what articels? Did the few steps from my post not worked?
  16. t.lamprecht

    [SOLVED] pveproxy fails to load local certificate chain after upgrade to pve 6

    Did you upgraded to latest pve-manager on 5.4 before upgrading? As the check (;a=commitdiff;h=95c1fa51adf1f82aa929a49d423a933aa6525252 ) is available since 5.4-12 release over a month ago to all repos, that one should have catched any problematic...
  17. t.lamprecht

    Cannot create cluster at all

    And then re-do a "pvecm updatecerts" and check if the /etc/pve/nodes/PX-XXX1/pve-ssl.pem file is here
  18. t.lamprecht

    Cannot create cluster at all

    That alone won't help you, the missing SSL Certificate file needs to be fixed too.... But it seems that in your corosync configuration both nodes are already added, so you probably are not quorated (see pvecm status) and thus the updatecerts command could not re-generated the missing SSL file...
  19. t.lamprecht

    [SOLVED] pveproxy fails to load local certificate chain after upgrade to pve 6

    we check it with out pve5to6 script, which you should use always to check the most basic things before doing the 5.4 to 6.0 upgrade. Note that upgrades which skip major versions (e.g., 4.X to 6.X directly) are not supported nor tested.
  20. t.lamprecht

    Cannot create cluster at all

    Huh, did you fiddled with your SSL certificates? As above seems to be the underlying issue of your situation.. can you run a pvecm updatecerts and try again?


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