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  1. Change of proxmox-backup-client output makes cron annoying

    Hi, I tried with using PBS_LOG=error. It works but I still get the skipping mount point: "..." messages. How to suppress those? IMHO skipping a mount point is not an error but should be classified as warn or info? Update I also get warning: file size increased while reading: "...", file will...
  2. Keep backup snapshot (exclude from prune)

    Thank you for the information. This is good news :) I will keep track of it and find a temporary solution so long.
  3. Keep backup snapshot (exclude from prune)

    Hi. Is it possible to keep a single backup snapshot so that it does not get pruned? The background for my question is: We have a prune schedule "Keep Daily 31". So after 31 days a backup snapshot gets pruned. Some days ago we had a security incident on one of our vms. Want to keep the...
  4. New Mobile App for Proxmox VE!

    Same problem here. My TOTP generator creates correct codes, e.g. login works on web GUI but not in the app.
  5. pveperf hangs when doing disk checks.

    No, same as nktech1135 wrote: dmesg and syslog do not contain any relevant entries. But I found a subprocess started by pveperf that uses 100% cpu permanently: sh -c echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Maybe this helps?
  6. pveperf hangs when doing disk checks.

    Same issue here. PVE 6.3-3 on zfs.
  7. file-level restore

    Hi, you can already mount a vm image using proxmox-backup-client map <snapshot> <archive-name> to map it to a loopback device that can be mounted then. See PDF documentation It seems this feature is still missing mentioned in the HTML...
  8. Restore single files from host backup (pxar) on cli non-interactive

    Hi dylanw, thats good news, thank you! I can confirm: mount option is working now (with proxmox-backup-client 0.8.16) and it is fast enough for my use cases. So I will be using that now.
  9. Restore single files from host backup (pxar) on cli non-interactive

    Hi dylanw, I wasn't aware of the mount command, thank you for that hint! It will be interesting to see how performance is on very large backups. I will try it as soon as it is usable again. A single files restore command would be a bit more handy than mounting and IMHO it is a functionality...
  10. Restore single files from host backup (pxar) on cli non-interactive

    Hi! I've set up a Proxmox backup server instance (pbs1) for testing and created a host backup from another maschine (server1) with the following command: server1# proxmox-backup-client backup root.pxar:/ --repository user1@pbs@pbs1:datastore1 This works fine, snapshots are created as...


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