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  1. Chris

    [SOLVED] Probleme mit Shell nach Neuinstallation

    Hi, bitte FIrewall checken
  2. Chris

    firewall behaviour has changed

    I don't know if I understand you correctly, but rules defined at datacenter level are inherited to the nodes, but not the VMs/CTs. So if you want to define rules for all the nodes you can do that at cluster level. If you want to define rules for individual cluster nodes (hosts) you can define...
  3. Chris

    firewall behaviour has changed

    Hi, to enable the firewall on the host level, both the datacenter and host firewall have to be enabled. This is the default behavior since long, not just a recent change. Further, for VMs/CTs VM/CT firewall has to be enabled individually, as well as for the corresponding NICs. The NICs firewall...
  4. Chris

    Can't start container after updating

    Please provide the output of `pveversion -v`
  5. Chris

    proxmox 6 and NFS

    HI, this refers to "privileged containers" and not the user permissions. See here for details:
  6. Chris

    Adding extra used node to a cluster

    PVE will not allow you to join a node with VMs on it, even if you make sure they are unique. It seems to me your best shot is a backup-restore based approach.
  7. Chris

    ZFS Verständnisfrage

    Das zvol sollte in der tat auch automatisch gemounted werden, nachdem das zpool importiert wurde. Dazu muss das sich darauf befindende Dateisystem unterstützt und das zfs-mount.service aktiviert sein. Auch muss der mountpoint gesetzt sein. '/dev/zvol/r10pool/KVM' ist das blockdevice.
  8. Chris

    Proxmox VE 6.0 Web GUI not working

    Please check if there is an error which indicates what is going wrong journalctl -b and in particular journalctl -u pveproxy. Further, check if the server is listening on port 8006 by running ss -tlpn.
  9. Chris

    Can't start container after updating

    There is an error stating that Debian 10.1 is not supported, which is not true for up to date packages. Please update all the packages on your PVE host to the latest version and try again.
  10. Chris

    Cannot restart container after Upgrade to Proxmox 6

    Hi, in order for the filesystem check to repair your journal, you will have to have write permissions on the disk image.
  11. Chris

    Can't start container after updating

    Hi, please start the container in foreground mode and provide the debug logs. For this you have to run lxc-start -n CTID -F -l DEBUG -o /tmp/lxc-CTID.log with CTID being the ID of your container.
  12. Chris

    2 nics, how to double migration speed

    Maybe try a different hash policy: "1 or layer3+4" or "2 or layer2+3"
  13. Chris

    Proxmox VE 6.0 Web GUI not working

    Hi, please check if the PVE services are up and running systemctl status 'pve*'. Then try to restart the 'pveproxy.service' by running systemctl restart pveproxy.service
  14. Chris

    2 nics, how to double migration speed

    Hi, is your storage fast enough to handle the traffic? You could do a performance test with fio to check that Also could you show us the network configuration? How did you setup the LACP? I assume as described in the documentation...
  15. Chris

    Clusterverbindung nach > 12 Stunden getrennt

    Hallo, sind die beiden Nodes direkt verbunden oder über einen Switch? Läuft corosync in einem eingenen dedizierten Netz? Siehe die Dokumentation dazu Als erstes wäre das journal zum Zeitpunkt rund um das auftreten des Problems von...
  16. Chris

    [SOLVED] Proxmox v6 default ssh key in authorized_keys file

    Ah yes, sorry ;) got carried away by the known_host while you were explicitly asking about the authorized_keys. Glad you already figured it out by yourself.
  17. Chris

    [SOLVED] Proxmox v6 default ssh key in authorized_keys file

    Hi, in a cluster of several nodes PVE relies on ssh to perform certain tasks, a working communication in-between the nodes is therefore essential. This is why we share /etc/pve/priv/known_hosts as well as the keys via the pmxcfs [0] between the hosts. The /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts is setup to...
  18. Chris

    [SOLVED] Add an existing drive in VM

    Hi, you can import an existing disk image as unused disk to a VM by qm importdisk <vmid> <source> <storage> [OPTIONS], see man qm for details. After this you can easily attach it to your VM.
  19. Chris

    [SOLVED] Proxmox SSH-Keys (gelöscht)

    Hallo, ein pvecm updatecert sollte das Problem beheben.
  20. Chris

    IO Error - Bad sectors

    Hi, you can try to make a raw image of the disk contents with tools like ddrescue


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