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  1. ZFS mirror replacement

    Doesnt matter , but untill you add new device you are running unprotected. There is no mirror. Also detach is ok but again it adds time as it has to redo the meta data and such to dissolve the mirror and later it has to recreate the mirror , where actuall replace just updates the meta data to...
  2. ZFS mirror replacement

    First things first. Before you start replacing the drives , turn the zfs auto expand ON on the pool. This way once you replace all the disk the pool will expand to fill the whole new space. Second if you have the ports and space mount the new disks in the box. Get the disks uuid and run zfs...
  3. [Solved] Dell T40 with Raid1 is destroyed at Proxmox 6.2 install

    You can not do both. If on install you still see 2 separate disks than your hardwere raid is not working or not configured correctly. If you see 2 disks and can use it in zfs raid than incorrect hardware configuration will be destroyed. There is no good reason to use both. Infact a hardware...
  4. pfSense in Proxmox with no external switch

    Sorry I know nothing about hosted servers.
  5. pfSense in Proxmox with no external switch

    Yes it works. I am running pfsence vm on Lenovo p58 machine right now. Idea was to be able to try out several firewalls for easy switching but pfsence was the simplest to setup and run for my needs. It is a simple home router replacement. Machine has 3 nics. One for Proxmox management One for...
  6. Using ZFS pool and dataset on my Proxmox with OMV

    Can't you bind mount the local pool into vm? I know I do it for my lxc containers. I have all my data pools on host. Proxmox does not manage them. And I just bind mount the pool to my lxc. I run emby and jdownloader like that.
  7. Need help with configuring drives for redundancy

    IMHO, get a second 8tb. Add it as a mirroed zpool. Move all from 1tb pool onto this new 8tb pool. Sell your 1tb and 2 tb disks and enjoy. Later just add a second pair of 8tb to expand the pool.
  8. no container will start

    If you are running zfs as system check your pool space. I had this issue when my rpool was full.
  9. Replace Zpool Drives:

    This is a normal way. Infact it is the preferred way for zfs. "Normal" .sdX. Style names can change between reboots. The uui names stay the same regardless. Use. ls -l /dev/disk/by-id To get the uui name and normal name of the disk. Use it in zpool replace old disk new disk. Command FYI, you...
  10. [SOLVED] ZFS not enabled or running after update

    I folowed the steps in wiki exactly. I know just enought to be dangerous But not enought to be creative. I had a functioning server at the end, but all my lxc configs were gone. And new setup didn't want to recognize the vm disks at all. They would attach but not boot.
  11. [SOLVED] ZFS not enabled or running after update

    Thanks will try this. Have to prepare livecd or USB My server has no cd drive.
  12. [SOLVED] ZFS not enabled or running after update

    I am ,in fact, zfs based. Just not sure how to do it safely. Last update I tried, from 5.1 to 5.3 just hosed the system and I had to re do everything from scratch. At this moment I have only 3 VMs containers but doing the config again bites.
  13. [SOLVED] ZFS not enabled or running after update

    This sucks. I was kind of hoping you find a solution other than full reinstall. I have a home server running 5.3 Would love to upgrade to 6. But it's the only machine I have. And I am still not sure how to system backup properly.
  14. [SOLVED] Previously used zfs drives are not available

    Replace the of= part with your drive The command is: <Command> dd <input> if=zero <output> of=/dev/<your disk> This will write "0" on whole disk. Effectively emptying out everything.
  15. [SOLVED] Previously used zfs drives are not available

    Yeah, that is what it looks like. If you feel comfortable, do a double or even tripple check on drive I'd, I. E. Sda, sdb etc and run the DD on each and see if it solves the problem. Pick 2 , run DD on then, than try creating a mirror zfs. If works break it and do same for the rest. Slow and...
  16. [SOLVED] Previously used zfs drives are not available

    Don't know your situations but I usually take the disks out and use my other pc to manipulate them. This way I can always know what I am working with. And yes you need to be very careful with dd command. Also it seams that your disks are mounted somewhere. Check your system settings. I think...
  17. [SOLVED] Previously used zfs drives are not available

    Do this drives show up differently in lsblk command after the cleanup? The re-creating gpt table always worked for me. The only other thing I did ones is zerro out the disk with dd. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdX This removes everything but is wery long process.
  18. [SOLVED] Previously used zfs drives are not available

    I did not mean delete partition. I ment go into gdisk(cli) look at disk structure. It should list 3 option after message that partiotn table of type found. Choose to create clean gpt. This should remove anything on the disk and create an new clean gpt table. You may need to remove and...
  19. [SOLVED] Previously used zfs drives are not available

    Why not simply delete the partition table on each and recreate it?
  20. Formatting ZFS

    You do not need to do anything. Just mount the sdb1 and it is ready for data storage.


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