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  1. Host losing connectivity when copying DHCP settings to static

    Hello, I can't figure out why the host has connectivity on DHCP but when I copy the exact same settings to static there is no route out. I am copying the exact same IP/CIDR + Gateway. I don't even know where to start to look. I have never had this happen before. Edit: Comparing "ip a" from...
  2. I think I'm doing something wrong

    Hey guys, My objective is to forward selected ports on a single public IP attached to eno1 on the host to LXCs. Inside the LXC I can ping all the way up to the host public IP but not to the host gateway or anything beyond. E.g. expectation: IP:10001-10100 > LXC 1 IP:10101-10200 > LXC 2 ...
  3. [SOLVED] Failed to start Proxmox Backup API Proxy Server

    Having the same issue installing PBS on same PVE server Nov 28 16:40:45 ba1 systemd[1]: Starting Proxmox Backup API Proxy Server... Nov 28 16:40:45 ba1 proxmox-backup-proxy[8638]: apply old journal log rrd.journal-6384726f Nov 28 16:40:45 ba1 proxmox-backup-proxy[8638]: Error: Address family...
  4. Run VM/CTs on the same server as PBS?

    What do you mean they can share the same storage? I will be able to use PVE to create a ZFS pool then allocate a dataset to PBS? There will be no conflicts?
  5. Run VM/CTs on the same server as PBS?

    Hi, I would like to provision a vanilla fileserver on the same host that is running PBS. How would I go about doing this? Should I install PVE then run PBS as a VM? As a CT? Or is there some built in functionality in PBS that fulfils this purpose? Thanks!
  6. How do I migrate host to a different Motherboard/CPU?

    My system disks are currently in ZFS Mirror. Good idea to just plug one of them out as a backup and stick it back in for resilvering once everything is confirmed to work?
  7. How do I migrate host to a different Motherboard/CPU?

    Is the host OS portable just by switching the mobos? There's only one VM on the host, the rest are Turnkey LXCs (Debian based). For the non-Debian, they are Ubuntu. I don't recall having any options for kernel. I believe the VM uses kvm64 for the CPU type and i440fx for the chipset. Is it...
  8. How do I migrate host to a different Motherboard/CPU?

    Hello, Currently my host is on dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 + X9DRi-F. I wish to migrate to EPYC 7401P + EPYCD8-2T. Can I just power down and swap out the motherboard/cpu or do I need to do some sort of backup/restore? Host currently has 2 ZFS pools on it. Do I need to export/import them? Thank you.
  9. Cannot kill VM - BUG: soft lockup - CPU#2 stuck for 22s

    Am passing /dev/ttyACM0 from host to VM. After USB device disconnects and reconnects, VM can no longer use the passthrough serial. Trying to restart the VM via init 6 throws soft lockup error and VM refuses to power down. Tried to stop via qm stop, no errors # qm stop 100 Message from...
  10. Mixing hardware in cluster?

    So if I keep the ceph cluster isolated to the old hardware but add more units solely for compute, there should be no problem migrating between the two architectures? What about performance penalty?
  11. Mixing hardware in cluster?

    Hello, We currently have a hyperconverged cluster with 5x dual E5-2650v2/128GBDDR3 nodes. We are looking to add start adding a couple of units of E5-2680V4/256GBDDR4 down the road starting with 3 units. Will these merge into the same cluster? Are there any disadvantages with the mismatched...
  12. Cannot pass /dev/ttyACM0 to VM?

    Still looking for a solution. Pretty annoying to have to remap the USB device to the CT every reboot (5 or 6 steps).
  13. Unable to start all LXC after reboot

    I've finally got the opportunity to reboot the machine and I still cannot get it to work. Some new information though, I created some VMs that don't share a mountpoint and those have no problems being started and their root volumes do not need to be mounted via zfs after reboot. Seems like the...
  14. Cannot pass /dev/ttyACM0 to VM?

    It does not appear for the VM. The serial port is not created like it is on the host.
  15. Cannot pass /dev/ttyACM0 to VM?

    The dev node should pop up on the VM level but it is not. The USB stick only generates /dev/ttyACM0 but no /dev/ttyS0 so I cannot pass it through serialX. The software on the VM only reads from /dev/ttyACM0. Supposedly ttySX and ttyACMX have different functions hence the different names. Unless...
  16. Unable to start all LXC after reboot

    Is this safe? Is there any chance I lose the subvols by deleting the empty directories while they are mounted?
  17. Unable to start all LXC after reboot

    Please clarify the last set of instructions according to my bolded response
  18. Unable to start all LXC after reboot

    I finally got a chance to restart the host. I removed every single onboot=true flag. After reboot, no VM/CTs are started. However, /SSD is already mounted with all the subvols but they are completely empty (not even the empty /mnt directories are created like if onboot=true). I cannot do zfs...
  19. Cannot pass /dev/ttyACM0 to VM?

    Probably thread number #100000 on this with no solution. When I pass the USB device by device or by port to a VM, /dev/ttyACM0 disappears from proxmox host as well. Remove the passthrough, it shows up again under the proxmox host. I can pass using lxc.mount to an LXC but I need it to persist...


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