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  1. [SOLVED] Grub error "compression algorithm inherit not supported" on reboot

    This turned out to be a hardware failure on the LSI MegaRAID controller. As for ZFS it's better to not even have such controller. Even though I configured the disks as JBOD, it caused compatibility issues. I finally removed the controller, attached the drives to the onboard SATA connectors...
  2. [SOLVED] Grub error "compression algorithm inherit not supported" on reboot

    Yes, pool layout is RAID 10. I've created a bootable USB stick from the Proxmox 5.1 installation image. 1. Booting into rescue mode works. It ends on the busybox prompt. The rescue system doesn't have zfsinfo, or does it? 2. Booting into debug installation crashed, probably related to the...
  3. [SOLVED] Grub error "compression algorithm inherit not supported" on reboot

    Well I guess the file system itself is probably alright, however Grub is incompatible. What can I do to update Grub without destroying any of my ZFS config?
  4. [SOLVED] Grub error "compression algorithm inherit not supported" on reboot

    Hi, after a package update yesterday my server doesn't boot anymore. The error reads: error: compression algorithm inherit not supported . Entering rescue mode... grub rescue> I've read other messages on the forum asking for the output of ls and set so here it is: What can I do to make my...
  5. Volumes kopieren, und dadurch Platz sparen?

    Hallo, ich habe verstanden, dass das verkleinern von Volumes nicht so ganz einfach und/oder risikofrei ist. Frage: Kann ich die Daten eines 1TB Volumes (auf dem ca 300GB genutzt sind) auf ein kleineres Volume kopieren und dieses dann anstelle des ersten als Rootlaufwerk eines Containers nutzen...
  6. [SOLVED] Config-Empfehlung: RAID, ZFS oder was?

    Danke an alle, die Kiste rennt mit 4 Platten, einer 250GB NVMe SSD als Cache und 64GB RAM. Soweit alles schön.
  7. [SOLVED] Config-Empfehlung: RAID, ZFS oder was?

    @hronny: Danke dafür. Das OS incl des Bootlaufwerks liegt auf der SSD. Die 4 Platten sind nur Datenspeicher für VMs. Bzgl des RAM starte ich jetzt direkt mit 64GB. Wir werden sehen.
  8. [SOLVED] Config-Empfehlung: RAID, ZFS oder was?

    Vielen Dank dafür, auch den Link. 1. Keine Ahnung. Mir geht es um die möglichst wartungsarme Redundanz, damit ich im Falle eines Festplattenproblems möglichst keine Daten verliere. Mit Linux bin ich recht fit, von ZFS weiss ich exakt nichts. Lernen ist ok, "Platten betreiben" aber kein...
  9. [SOLVED] Config-Empfehlung: RAID, ZFS oder was?

    Hallo, ich werde Proxmox 5 auf einem neuen Server installieren. Die Büchse hat neben einer SSD für das OS einen LSI Megaraid Controller mit 4x4TB Platten daran. Was ist die aktuelle Empfehlung für die Konfiguration? Sollte ich ein RAID 5 oder 10 am Controller einrichten, oder die Platten als...
  10. How to prevent traffic between LXC on bridged network?

    Hello, I have a number of LXC on a bridged network. I'd like to restrict network access for those LXC in such a way outbound traffic is allowed one internal IP may be reached all other traffic is dropped Can this be done w/ the Proxmox 4 firewall? Or do I need to add custom iptables rules...
  11. Firewalled port on LXC container

    Hello, I'm running Proxmox 4.2 on an OVH server w/ the standard OVH setup. Inside a LXC container there's Webmin listening on ports 10000/tcp and up, Webmin folks say it should suffice to open ports unto 10010/tcp for RPC access. I'm using the Proxmox firewall and have restricted access to...
  12. LXC and IPv6

    After enabling the NDP option as well as accepting NDP traffic both on cluster and host level I'm now able to connect to the IPv6 addresses. I'd like to add that I find that firewall setup very confusing. What belongs where? Also documentation is sparse. Thank you anyway.
  13. LXC and IPv6

    Sure, please see here:
  14. LXC and IPv6

    As I stated before: I tried both the original OVH setup that's identical to as well as adding "1" after the :: of the address stance. It did not make a difference after a restart. Currently my config looks just as described in the Wiki.
  15. LXC and IPv6

    In my network config i have iface lo inet6 loopback the standard inet6 config from the OVH template, with default IPv6 routes on vmbr0 and rebooted after the change. Do I need to pick an address from the /64 for my host, too? I tried with <my net>::1 but that didn't change anything. Outbound...
  16. LXC and IPv6

    Hi all, I'm trying to get IPv6 working on a fresh install of Proxmox VE 4.2 on an OVH server. I can ping6 from inside a LXC container. Trying this from the host gives me root@s7:~# ping6 connect: Network is unreachable Pinging a IPv6 assigned to a LXC from...
  17. Can't login to web UI after fresh install

    Hm. Previously I did not type a fresh password but instead generated it and copy-pasted it into the console. Typing it solved the problem.
  18. Can't login to web UI after fresh install

    Hello, I'm on a fresh install of Proxmox VE 4.2 on Debian 8. SSH login as root works, but logging into the web UI does not. All I see in the logs is Aug 24 06:46:43 s7 IPCC.xs[7132]: pam_unix(common-auth:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty= ruser= rhost= user=root The...


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