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  1. Reset Web Password

    Whoops, I should clarify that I am not using Proxmox Mail Gateway, but Proxmox VE. I just realized that my web search took me to the Mail Gateway forum and I mistook it for the Proxmox VE forum.
  2. Reset Web Password

    Welp, I just rebooted via ssh and that fixed it. The new password I set for root with passwd is now working to login to the web gui now, whereas it wasn't before. I guess the problem was not the password, but instead something in the login flow breaks over time and a reboot restores it.
  3. Reset Web Password

    Yes, you must tell us what the issue was. This issue just happened to me. Can't get into the web gui login all of a sudden. I still have ssh access so I used the passwd command to change the root password. But that new root password doesn't work either.
  4. SSH key for root login, can it be done the regular way?

    I'd like to set up an SSH key for root login. Can I just do this in the regular way by editing the `authorized_keys` file and setting the sshd_config file to not permit password? Or does this risk violating the expectations of the Proxmox engine and causing errors?
  5. OpenSSH dropping RSA; Proxmox failing 'ssh'.

    Thanks for your interesting posts. They pertain to me. I would like to enable SSH key-only authentication with an admin user like you describe, but from other forum posts, it seems like this may interfere with the Proxmox engine. Would you be able to elaborate on how you got SSH key-only...
  6. CIFS mount in /etc/fstab will not auto-mount upon restart

    Welp. For my NFS problems, it seems to have been caused by bad options in the fstab file (my fault). I had a username and password in there and apparently NFS authenticates by IP, not credentials. I'm a newb and I didn't expect that. Shame on me. Some extensive reading of the debian nfs mount...
  7. CIFS mount in /etc/fstab will not auto-mount upon restart

    Hec, That's a new and interesting option to me. I'd like to learn systemd better so I can understand it. Thanks for raising this possibility. All, Can anyone point to evidence of what the Debian devs think the proper solution is? I'd hope there is one endorsed method that if it doesn't work...
  8. CIFS mount in /etc/fstab will not auto-mount upon restart

    Hi all, Thanks for your replies. I have not yet implemented the workaround rc.local solution yet. Although I appreciate it and may have to resort to it, I feel it is a hack. I'm not trying to do anything exotic here, just a vanilla cifs mount. And now an nfs mount, which is also failing...
  9. [SOLVED] LXC USB Passthrough (ZWave Stick)

    Thanks for posting, this helped me get openhab running in a container. One note. If the container is unprivileged, you will need to give permissions to /dev/ttyACM0 from the host. chmod o+rw /dev/ttyACM0 did the trick. If you don't want to give permissions to everyone, I suspect (but not...
  10. CIFS mount in /etc/fstab will not auto-mount upon restart

    Thanks. I do not actually se an rc.local in the /etc directory. Should I just create it and it will run? Any insight into what the actual problem with the /etc/fstab entry might be?
  11. Root disk space shows full due to mounted disk

    Darn it. Just came back here to say this. I went to migrate the disk with the backups that I thought were on it to a new machine and found they weren't there. I went back to the old machine and saw that the backup was still there! Boy, am I embarrassed. I wish I had seen this message when...
  12. Root disk space shows full due to mounted disk

    Thanks for your help. Below is the output of the commands requested. To make the original post easier to understand, I had changed the name of the path to the second disk mount location. The actual path is /mnt/seagate2tb (referred to as /mnt/myseconddisk in OP). mount root@pve:~# mount...
  13. Root disk space shows full due to mounted disk

    Hello, I mounted a second disk under /mnt/myseconddisk and added it via the web gui as storage for backups. The second disk is a big one and no where near becoming full. The root storage of the node is also not full, but when backing up a container to the second disk, I noticed that the...
  14. CIFS mount in /etc/fstab will not auto-mount upon restart

    Hello all, New to proxmox and loving it on my Supermicro server with Xeon D-1541. I am having trouble with auto-mounting a CIFS share from my NAS, though. I have the following line in the node's /etc/fstab: //mynas/media /mnt/bindmounts/media cifs...


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