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  1. [SOLVED] Is possible Reinstall PBS and Recover all BackUPs?

    Just adding a comment; I found this thread afraid of exactly AlfredoF experience. II really wish there were a way to backup my PBS to disk, or to treat the store as a NAS and back that up using a whole range of tools (Datto, Synology etc.) and store offsite. Doing a PBS->PBS sync will only...
  2. Customize LXC container image - systemd-nspawn missing?

    Wow. Just spent considerable time researching DAB and Distrobuilder and all I need to do is customize an existing container and save it. I feel both foolish and gratified at the same time. Perfect solution. Thanks!
  3. rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU

    This just started happening to me this week on servers that have never seen a problem. Today four of my VMs are all console-locked with the "rcu_sched self-detected stalls on..." . Important note however, they are all RUNNING just fine, I just no longer have console access. It kind of...
  4. rootfs questions

    I'm just trying to decide (for monitoring) if I should just ignore the error, or does it mean something is broken? Blinking red lights are hard to ignore.
  5. [SOLVED] command 'apt-get update' failed: exit code 100

    Another cause: After upgrading my cluster to Proxmox 6 I got the apt-get error 100 on all nodes. Turns out I forgot to disable the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/corosync3.list. Anything that breaks apt is usually pretty simple to troubleshoot; run apt-get update manually and read the error.
  6. Proxmox VE Version:2.2-26/c1614c8c with attached NAS array backup rotation problem

    If you are running two backup jobs daily and your max backups = 5, will both automated backups respect this limit and delete jobs from the "other" backup? ie. will AM_BACKUP of VM105 delete the backups from PM_BACKUP of VM105?
  7. Workload Migrations

    Lol. Ok, thanks.
  8. Workload Migrations

    Like the OP, I think that the question is how other users have fared using ShadowProtect in a ProxMox environment. If nobody has ever tried it then I guess nobody can help with their review. But I would really like to hear an answer to the (very old) OP question: how well does ShadowProtect...
  9. Workload Migrations

    I will try to simplify: does shadowprotect work with ProxMox?


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